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It's that time again, DATE NIGHT! Are you ready? Even though you can't see me - my arm is raised HIGH!! Whether you're looking for a way to celebrate a blessedly free weekend from the kids or an idea for an inventive first date, I assembled a list of  top notch 'date night' ideas to help spice up your relationship. If it's precious time you're wanting to spend with your loved one look no further. As I was searching for ways that Mr.P and I could break free from the mundane dinner-and-a-movie rut, my list took on a life of it's own. I gladly share my list with you. I'll post two to three ideas every week over the next several months. Hope you find something here that sparks your fire! Here is Week 1Week 2 & Week 3 in case you missed them....enjoy.

Rooftop Dining   
If you can't go out, go UP! Up on the roof that is, for a bit of romantic rooftop dining. I LOVE this idea. I'm a city gal and seeing the sunset over my hometown - Dallas - and the lights of the city brightening a rooftop dinner is my idea of a romance. Imagine the entire city at your feet, a relaxing rooftop picnic, it truly is a visual feast. Make it romantic by setting up lights or candles, pillows, cushions and dinner—your very own romantic rooftop fort.  After the sun goes down lie back and try to point out as many constellations as you can. Make your very own playlist for the occasion. It's the perfect setting for a kiss and a cuddle - the scenery will be worth it at the very least! 

Gourmet Picnics, Local Products
Your date is one in a million, and they deserve more than any old picnic. You wouldn't settle for your sweetie, so why settle for egg salad when you could have so much more? With enticing fresh markets popping up everywhere, try some locally grown or gourmet products to make your picnic that much more special. Go for goat cheese instead of cream cheese, juicy Texas peaches instead apples from the grocers, arugula instead of lettuce. You get the idea.

Create your own "drive-in" experience. 
If you have a laptop with a DVD drive, take it out with you. Rent or download a movie you never got around to seeing, order something simple at a cafe or bistro, find a love seat to cuddle up in, and watch. Netflix's most popular DVD rental plan now lets users access movies (up to 18 hours' worth a month) from its "Instant Watching" library of 1,000 films, which can be zapped straight to a PC in seconds. Another option: Take your movie with you on your gourmet picnic! So fun!

This extra tip is from a valued reader, it's a great idea!
Our favorite date night is to do a "junk night." Most of the time, all the food we eat is from scratch and we're busy reading and living and all that. Once in awhile, though, we just buy junk food or frozen Chinese food or something and watch silly movies and play games. 
Take advantage of the great 
weather this week and get out there and date!



Mr.P, The Man in The Moon & Me...that's all I need!

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