Monday, May 1

Parisian Jazz Trio - Rue Mouffetard

Still my all time favorite soundscape from Paris. The conversations, sounds of children playing, shoppers buying fresh produce for their dinner, people walking past... and these guys!

Wednesday, April 26


When I think of macarons, I think Ladurée. The French luxury bakery best-known for baking and selling the double-decker macaron, fifteen thousand of which are sold every day! However, the Macaron cookie was born in Italy. It was first introduced by the chef of Catherine de Medicis in 1533 at the time of her marriage to the Duc d'Orleans who became king of France in 1547. The term "macaron" has the same origin as that the word "macaroni" -- both mean "fine dough".

Monday, April 24

Last Minute Party Preparations

I always joke that the better the party I throw, the worse I look when my guests show up. I’ve gotten better at getting ready way in advance so I don’t look like a madwoman. However, I do have a little routine I go through before the party starts. Even though I make sure the house is clean the day before, right before the guests begin showing up, I will do a quick “walk through.” Basically, I pretend I am a guest in my own home. I try to think about what would make people more comfortable and then go around sprucing things up.

Monday, April 10


Home Economics 101. Mrs. Rogers. Skyline High School. Dallas, Texas. 198....

Pie dough was the first thing I learned to make in the kitchen. As a child my mother always gave me bits of raw pie dough to eat.I loved being in the kitchen with her, both my sister and I did.  Fast forward 12 years and as I sit in Home-Ec class, Mrs. Rogers is teaching her class how to make a basic pie dough. And that simple pie dough has taken me to such great places.... with wonderful memories.

Friday, March 24


Although it’s most famous as the setting for Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Verona has much more to offer than its connections to the star-crossed lovers! In fact, there’s little evidence that anything like the Romeo and Juliet story actually took place here… but it is indisputable that you won’t be short of sights in this beautiful city, even if you ignore Juliet’s “balcony” and “tomb.” In fact, the city’s rich culture and history has landed it on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Thursday, March 23


I don't know how it happened, but, slowly overtime, when our family celebrates a birthday I end up cooking for and entertaining our family. No complaints mind you.... in fact, my favorite part of our little celebrations of life is baking the birthday cake.

Wednesday, March 1

Bridge of Sighs ~ Venice

If you happen to be in Venice... don’t stare across at the Bridge of Sighs – Go INSIDE the bridge and stare out!

Thursday, January 26

A Well Traveled & Weary Trunk

Yesterday, E bought this vintage wicker steamer trunk for her and Bradley's new home. It comes with such a cool history. It hails from 19th century France. It has traveled all over the world, from Ireland to China and everywhere in between - even Italy.