Monday, August 12

Current Obsessions: SUBWAY TILES

Some may find Subway Tile to be trendy, but this economical style has always appealed to me. I was reminded of this as we recently traveled through Europe. Sleek, clean and tailored - subway tiles are simple, classic and low maintenance. They are the LBD of the tile world. Dress them up. Dress them down. Make them a focal point or use them to tone down busy, bright spaces. Go classic white or choose color or a mix of colors for an edgier look. Pair them with traditional furnishings or sleek modern pieces. Whatever style you're dreaming up for your kitchen or bathroom, subway tiles are an essential piece to have in your design wardrobe. 
Subway tile gained the name from its use in the New York City subway system, which opened in 1904.  The rectangular, white ceramic tile was selected for its durable and stain resistant nature, and the light color and high gloss were a good choice for the subterranean spaces of the subway.  White subway tile represents a vintage, early 20th century style that has seen a huge resurgence in popularity in the first decade of the 21st century.  

Subway tile is an excellent choice for the bathroom especially in vibrant colors. Somewhat trendy yet classic, these tiles make fresh statements in the bathrooms below. They create a big visual impact, making the rooms come alive without being overpowering. 


Consider using subway tiles in the kitchen too. They are great for simultaneously adding a traditional feel with a contemporary twist.....never going out of style. Subway tile makes a fantastic backsplash.  It's a clean look that wears extremely well and easy to maintain. From whimsical to the dramatic, subway tile is a good choice for the kitchen.

When you choose tiles for your bathroom or kitchen design - stylish, cost effectiveness, and practicality will be at the top of your list. Subway Tiles are the perfect solution for this. They check ALL of the boxes. Whether you're home is traditional, modern or eclectic - subway tile is the ideal pick!

This beautiful tile can be 
found in the Paris Metro at the Chatelet les Halles stop.
At another Metro stop we walked through 
this amazing tunnel with a tree themed tile installation. I love how 
the Parisians have elevated the everyday to beautiful and interesting here!
And my favorite, the majolica subway tiles used as a border for this Metro stop.


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