Sunday, May 31


June is upon us and our little family has already started eating our favorite Summer food –WATERMELON! Just one look at a watermelon and I begin to feel relaxed and stress-free. I'm sure many of you have great memories of watermelon – fireworks, parades, picnics, seed-spitting contests, thumps and such!

Saturday, May 30

SHE SHEDS - the room you never knew you needed!

I love sheds, but this is no ordinary shed! 

It's the room you never knew you needed! 

Welcome to the world of SHE SHEDS!

Friday, May 22

Confessions of A College Student's Mom: Great Alternatives to Double Majors

So, child #2 is home from college and our home is bursting at the seams with her 'stuff'. You all will be glad to know that I'm holding my OCDness together surprisingly well. The most obvious reason for this is because I know when she leaves for college this fall we will not be seeing her on a regular basis. I'm a little sad about that. Nevertheless, birds gotta fly and Mamas gotta let them go. We went through the same thing with child #1. And as hard as it was, we made it just fine. In fact, Mr.P and I enjoy the nest when it's empty!

Thursday, May 7


My mother has taught me many valuable lessons that have helped shape my life. The advice I received from her was not specifically contained in any one sentence or in a formal heart-to-heart conversation, but in many discussions throughout my life. My Mother is caring, giving, nurturing, ever so patient, quietly hopeful and above all loving. But her best quality was to teach by example. That is the kind of life my mother has lived. She has inspired me in all areas by being a living example of what it is to be a wife, mother and friend. Here are the top ten lessons about life and love my sweet mother graciously taught me that have touched every aspect of my life and affected the majority of decisions I've made.