Monday, December 15

Daddy's Favorite Meat Loaf

How many recipes do you have that look like this? Ripped quickly from the pages of old magazines. This is how at least 50% of my recipes appear. They are yellowed and stained from years of use and ingredients. A lot of my recipes have been yanked, clipped or torn from the pages of old periodicals. This is a scan of a meatloaf recipe I tore out of a magazine back in 1994. It is a staple here in our home. Nothing fancy and really easy to make. Just right for a cold Winter's night!

Monday, December 8

Make-Ahead Christmas Morning Cherry & Almond Sweet Rolls

While Christmas morning's main event is usually under the tree, a big holiday family breakfast around the table can add to the magic of the morning as well. And I don't know about the rest of America, but waking up to a yummy breakfast on Christmas morning is a tradition all across the South. However, the last thing most of us want to think about is spending hours in the kitchen on the most anticipated morning of the year! So what's a Texas gal to do? Serve breakfast dishes you can prepare on Christmas Eve and simply pop'em in the oven come Christmas Morning! These sweet rolls can be found on our table along with an ample-sized bowl of fresh fruit, scrambled eggs and some sort of breakfast meat — and I'm a happy girl.

Thursday, December 4

Happy Tummy, Happy Holidays Smoothie!

I have been invited by the good people from Williams-Sonoma to celebrate Smoothie Week with them! All you need for a delicious homemade smoothie are a few great ingredients and a versatile blender. Williams-Sonoma carries a good range of blenders for you to choose from. Everything from Vitamix, which in my opinion is THE BEST blender on the market today, to Cuisinart, Breville and many others. In all price ranges, with a wide assortment of cutting-edge technologies to fit your specific needs, Williams-Sonoma certainly makes your hunt for the perfect blender an easy one. Nowon to my favorite homemade smoothie!

Wednesday, December 3

30 Easy Homemade Christmas Candy Recipes

Everyone loves a homemade gift, especially if that gift is edible and sweet like the following Christmas candy recipes from myself and a few other bloggers. Choose from easy recipes for fudge, chocolate bark, pralines, marshmallows, and more, and give this holiday season a personal touch that can't be beat.

Monday, December 1


The definition of “joy” is widely subjective, but most people would agree that the end of the year holds a special place in their lives. Whether it's because of family and fudge, or snow angels and holiday parties, December is a joyous time. For me, it really is the "most wonderful time of the year". I find joy in the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping - yes it's true - and hot chocolate in front of the fire after that long day at the mall, the sound of Santas on the corner as they ring their bells and call out "Merry Christmas" to those who pass by and mistletoe hung where you can see. Bright Christmas lights, whimsical department store windows, cookie decorating parties and the smell of fresh cut evergreens at the local tree lot. Quaint Christmas carolers, the look of my breath as it hangs in the cold December air and if we're really lucky, the crunch of snow under our boots on Christmas Day. What's NOT to love about December? It means family. It means giving. And most of all it means the Christ child. The Son of God was born of a virgin, sent to us as THE gift of Salvation. Love came down, bringing all of mankind our ultimate JOY! What a truly remarkable time of year to celebrate His coming! This is my definition of December joy, what's yours?

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