Wednesday, April 29


Is it me, or is there is something magical about lemon poppy seed muffins? There is something about that fresh citrus tartness, mixed with the sweet cakey muffin and the distinct poppy seed flavor. It’s a good time. When making the muffins, I like to add lots of fresh lemon zest and lemon juice to the batter, and when they are hot out of the oven I spoon over a simple syrup made from freshly squeezed lemon juice and sugar, to add that extra lemon flavor. Like making pound cake, the syrup sort of traps in the moisture and freshness, and makes them last a little longer than most other muffins. These are perfect in the morning with coffee, or in the afternoon with a glass of milk. They are simple, fresh, and delicious. Enjoy!

Monday, April 20

Mason Jar Hanging Light

Sometimes it's the smallest details in a room that make the biggest impact, bringing a whole room together. Personal decorating ideas from small details, decorative accents, a touch of color and cute knickknacks can make immense things happen in interior decorating. Charming handmade embellishments and recycled items are inexpensive ideas that give great opportunities to change the way your room looks and feels.

Wednesday, April 15


Do you use your freezer to preserve herbs, vegetables, or fruit? The freezer can be a powerful, overlooked method of preserving. Pesto, strawberry puree, tomato soup — stash them away now to be used later. One of my favorite ingredients, a handful of fresh herbs from the garden, is one of the simplest things to preserve in the freezer, and I just learned a new, better way to freeze herbs: In oil!

Saturday, April 11


Homemade mac and cheese can be time-consuming to prepare. This version is quick and easy, on the table in just about 30 minutes total! The spark for this recipe came from a close friend, who is a whiz in the kitchen.  She casually combines ingredients without using a particular formula. She goes by feel, adding handfuls of cheese and spoonfuls of flour until the mixture right. Then she stirs in the cooked macaroni, pours everything into a casserole dish, and runs it under the broiler for a few minutes. The blast of heat creates an instant crust—no need for breadcrumbs.

Thursday, April 9

The Truck Yard, Lower Greenville, Dallas

Have you been to the Truck Yard in Dallas? If not, you must go! NOW! The Truck Yard is home to Dallas' best food trucks. It is affectionately referred to as a “casual beer garden and adult playground.” The Truck Yard is a great place for good food, the best craft beer - not that I'm drinking it, and one of the best places to meet up with old friends and make new ones.

Monday, April 6

How To Eat Like A Local While Traveling

After weeks of eyeing airfares and saving up, you finally took the plunge and booked a trip abroad. Congratulations! Now, the fun begins. You’ll start mapping out where to stay, what to see, how to commute, and most importantly, WHERE TO EATFood, cooking, and dining rituals play a central role in every culture, and they are not to be missed. By eating locally you are able to dive into traditions that have been around for hundreds of years.

Friday, April 3

Quick & Easy Decadent Strawberry Cake

Sunday, April the 5th is Mr.P's birthday! 50 years! 50 years of joys, trials, wonderful memories and living life to the fullest. Mr.P has been a great blessing to our family and our lives have been enriched because of him and what he stands for. We will celebrate his birth, his life and our love. I do love Mr.P!