Friday, October 31

Remember when.... Halloween 2008

When your children leave home weird things happen. Some days Mr.P and I act like teenagers; giddy that we have the house all to ourselves. Some days we're so busy I forget that E is off at college. But when it comes to days like Halloween, which my children love, I really miss them. There are no costumes to make, parties to throw, or giggles and screams to listen to. So this is where I found myself today. 

When it came time for Ms.B's weekly 'bath' and grooming session, I was missing the kids. A light bulb went off and I remembered I had made little Halloween hats for my pumpkin boo bags. I just knew they would fit Ms.B perfectly. I quickly hot glued some ribbon to one of the hats, grabbed my camera and tied this little witches hat to Ms.B. Isn't she cute?

Thursday, October 30

How-To Introduce A New Color Into Your Home

How bright and beautiful are all the fall leaves? It seems like overnight the colors have exploded on the trees! Equally beautiful are the furniture and accessories on display all over Dallas. And pretty soon, the Christmas season will be upon us! Can you believe the stores are already selling Christmas decorations?

Right now the color orange is trending! Whether you are looking to add a new color to your living room or wardrobe, any shade of orange will do. So how do you introduce a new color to your home?

Wednesday, October 29

Carving The Perfect Halloween Pumpkin!

If you haven't carved up your Jack-O'-Lantern this year, no worriesthere is still time! Here are 7 simple step-by-step instructions to creating a great Halloween pumpkin that you will  be proud to place on your windowsill or front porch. So, go forth my friends and CARVE!

Tuesday, October 28

The Best Gifts For Globetrotters

You may not be able to give the gift of exotic trips to all of the special people in your lives this holiday season. But helping them savor travel memories and plan for a future trip is definitely in the budget. I've put together a list of globe-trotting goods for this holiday season, none priced at more than $110. It includes innovations everything from hi-tech waterproof Bluetooth speakers to ultralight bags that convert from backpacks to duffels.

4-in-1 Adapter

This handy Lego-like tool snaps together four plugs and one adapter to power up gadgets in 150 countries. The red, blue, yellow, and green components correspond to a color-coded map to help you quickly determine the parts needed based on your destination. This is a real find! Flight 001; $25.00.

Tuesday, October 21

Halloween 'BOO BAGS'!

My children are almost seven years apart in age. Being a stay-at-home Mom meant only one thing — I spent 14 years as THE Home Room Mom. 

I learned over the years what the kids liked, what the parents didn't, what the teachers preferred and most of all — how to throw together a swinging party for 20 - 25 students in a little under two hours, and occasionally all alone. As crazy as it may sound, it was something I learned to love.

Thursday, October 16


I know when it comes to desserts, right now 'salted' caramel is all the rage. And to be sure, it's good, but why not take it up a notch with this chocolate, caramel, salted peanut confection. It is the dessert to beat in this particular category, and one of my favorites.

Wednesday, October 15

Blueberry Ricotta Coffee Cake

How about a big WOW for Wednesday? Sometimes you just need something special for the mid-week blues. I don't have a big sweet tooth but I will make an exception for coffee cake. Maybe it's because most coffee cakes are not overly sweet. And most are down right YUMMY! I do take joy in a great piece of freshly baked coffee cake, warm from the oven, and a cuppa joe. And here in North Texas it's finally cool-ER, not cold but just right! I found this wonderful coffee cake recipe a few years back. I was hunting for something exceptional to take to Bread Day at the State Fair. I am always on the lookout for anything baked with blueberries. My absolute FAVORITE berry. This is an excellent addition to any breakfast or brunch. I also serve this with lemonade in the summertime. It is a special treat!

Tuesday, October 14

Your First Apartment: Kitchen Essentials

Have you or do you know of anyone who has just moved into his or her first real apartment? Right now they’re probably busy outfitting their kitchen, and they most likely need a little help. Although the basics will do, you don’t want to waste hard-earned money on tools that are either flimsy or overpriced. Equipment testing has proven the following to be highly recommend as the best in kitchen gear that won’t break the bank.

Sunday, October 12

Hosting A Dinner Party

If we want to be connected with the people around us, we need to be willing to make room in our world for others. I’m the first to admit that into days busy world, throwing a dinner party is not on the top of my list. So when it comes to entertaining friends and family, it takes some planning. Today I’m sharing a few simple principles for planning and hosting a casual dinner party, whether seasonal, during the holidays or anytime of year.

Wednesday, October 8

Dark Chocolate and Sour Cherry Scones

I am Ka-razy about Cherries! Always have been. Some of my earliest memories are of Cherry Pie. That explains a lot doesn't it?

I love all forms of cherries. Fresh, juicy Summer ones, stewed, baked and most certainly dried cherries. Something happens to fruit when it has been dried. It concentrates and intensifies the flavor into one small bite.

Tuesday, October 7

Tailgating — It's A Lifestyle!

If you've ever attended a tailgating partyespecially in the Souththen you know that it is not just any old function. Right? It's an institution my friends! And sadly if you've never hung out in the parking lot, in the shade of your favorite stadium, next to a grill, with your closest friendswell then, you are really missing out on something pretty special. It's not about a fired up grill and a cooler full of beer or coke, it's a lifestyle! 

Sunday, October 5

Colors, Textures & Design Elements For Easy Fall Decorating

Falling leaves, chilled winds and pouring rain can only mean one thing… It’s autumn again. If you love autumn like I do, you will adore these fall designs I have for you. Today I'm talking about the living room and I will try to inspire you to bring autumn into your home with simple, yet eye catching details. Traditional fall colors are those found in nature — burgundy, brown, gold, orange, yellow. Contemporary choices include gray, apricot, tan, rusty red, green, and bursts of color like eggplant, teal and turquoise.

Friday, October 3

Flawless Fried Eggs: It's In The Details

Is there anything better than a hot breakfast of fried eggs and bacon on a cool and crisp Fall morning? I love fried eggs, but rarely cook them because it's just easier to scramble them. Or so I thought. This quick and easy method is just as easy as scrambling eggs. Seriously. So go forth my friends. Enjoy the fall and a few fried eggs......any time of day!

Thursday, October 2

Are You A Leaf Peeper?

I AM! And here we are again, it's the most colorful time of the year! We're deep in the heart of leaf-peeping season and the leaves, they are a-changin'. I could not be happier! Beautiful shades of orange, red, and yellow as leaf-peeping kicks into