Wednesday, September 30

Easy Ways To Decorate With Pumpkins

Whether they line a country path, add classic appeal to an entryway, or enhance a seasonal table setting, vibrant pumpkins bring delightful harmony to our autumn d├ęcor. The quintessential symbol of fall, everyone's favorite gourd welcomes the season with effortless grace.

Friday, September 11


Inspire yourself with something unique this fall and try out this wreath craft project using old pages from a book. You can use an older book you no longer need, paint your leafy cut outs with some fall water colors, which will keep the text visible. When completed, this understated fall decor will bring a vintage touch to your home this season.

Thursday, September 3

Plan a Large Outdoor Cookout with FIX

The good people at contacted me about their new party planning illustrations. Grilling expert and founder of Grilling 24X7, John Thomas, breaks down how to host a successful cookout for a crowd! I thought with Labor Day upon us, I'd play along and share their very informative illustrations and post. John makes planning and throwing an outdoor BBQ simple and fun. So call your friends and family, turn on your grills and get to grilling people -- and enjoy your Labor Day weekend!

Tuesday, September 1

5 Ways to Jumpstart Your Christmas Savings Now!

It's September 1. Yes, it's the perfect time to talk about Christmas savings and early shopping!

Why? Because Christmas is only 115 days away, and you can start preparing for it now! Too many people wait until December to buy gifts. With no money saved, countless people turn to credit cards in a panic and end up paying for Christmas well into the new year. Not the best approach.