Thursday, January 24

What A n-ICE Day For A Winter Wedding!

Even though many brides might shy away from a Winter wedding there is a lot to be said for the special charm it can bring. If managed correctly, a Winter wedding can create a wonderland of magic and beauty for a bride, her groom and their guests. If you are thinking of your very own wintry nuptials I hope the following ideas will inspire you to invent your special day.

  • Winter Wedding Venues

One of the most important decisions a bride and groom can make regarding a wedding is the location. For a Winter wedding, an inn or country lodge with a large fireplace would be charming for an intimate group. 
For a larger affair, look into a historical mansion or hotel with a bit more space. Either venue would lend your wedding a warm ambiance and be perfect during the Winter months.
Unless your wedding is held in a location where you are assured of snow, be careful of large picture windows. Your plans may include drifts of winter white but you may end up with a grey and rainy day. 
Be sure to consider the heating. How will your guests stay warm and toasty before, during and after the ceremony?
Some cottages, inns or lodges are old and don’t have sufficient heating for large groups. Check with any venue to ensure you and your guests will be comfortable.  

  • Winter Wedding Décor 
Walk through your venue to see what decorations already exist......especially during the holidays, many businesses decorate for the season. Decor may be included in the price of renting certain locations.
Make sure to ask! When you know what you have available to you, then decide on your bridal colors.
When choosing colors for your Winter wedding think warm golds and the deep rich shades of jewel tone ruby red, emerald green and amethyst purple.
Another way to go would be to embrace the chilly weather outside by using icy blue tones, frosty silvers and snowy whites. Silver and white with crystal accents can add some serious glamour to your Winter nuptials. 
Table decor can range from simplistic and inexpensive white poinsettias to a room filled to overflowing with light by arranging candles or lanterns and Winter greenery on elegant tapestries. 
If you want to heighten the drama, bring in the icy outdoors with ice-carved vases on your reception tables. Fill the vases with tall winter-white blooms and surround the centerpieces with flickering votive candles.
To achieve that frosty fairytale look string strands and strands of white twinkle lights. Line the aisle with sparkly flocked tree branches, hanging crystals and pearl beaded garlands. It will definitely be a little piece of heaven for you and your groom right here on earth.

  • Winter Wedding Attire
We no longer live under the 'No-White-after-Labor-Day' rule. That was left with our mother's white gloved generation. Today a bride can use any color or style of wedding and bridesmaid's dresses.
The obvious color choices being dark-colored dresses like navy, hunter green, and black. 
These hues look great on almost everyone and can be worn to formal events later. 
Rich, saturated colors, such as deep plum and chocolate, also work well in the colder months. 
Step away from the norm and give your wedding a Hollywood red carpet feel by adding luxurious faux furs to you and your attendants attire. 
Many wedding dresses today are strapless or sleeveless, but that's not so practical for a bride who wants to take pictures outside in the snow, or needs to walk any distance in the cold. 
Look for matching wraps, shrugs or capes that will complement both your dress as well as your bridesmaids.

  • Winter Wedding Flowers
The world we live in today allows us to choose wedding flowers that are not in season. 
If you like the icy blue tones, frosty silvers and winter whites  mix white roses, lilies and stephanotis in amongst dusty miller and silver-dollar eucalyptus. 
If you're looking for a brighter bouquet, consider red roses with holly and pine-tree greenery.
For something completely delightful, make fanciful bouquets using layered frosted acrylic snowflakes and white satin ribbon. 
The new trend seems to be entire bouquets made from glittering rhinestones. Glistening just like the Winter snow. 
Gems and jewels bring a certain sophistication to the brides overall look. I really do love this idea because it will last forever. 
Truly an heirloom quality piece that can be passed down from mother to daughter for generations to come.

  • Winter Wedding Food and Beverages
While it may be tempting to fall back on reliable standbys like steak or chicken, a truly creative bride knows that she can make her menu stand out by using traditional Winter fare as a jumping-off point. 
How fun would it be to shrink portion sizes of well known cold weather comfort food to mini-versions? Mac-n-cheese, mashed potatoes, pot pies or tomato soup and grilled cheese in mini-serve size. 
Lose the soup bowls and serve warm soup or stew in shot glasses. Everything seems to be cuter and way more fun in miniature. 
Or think outside the box with a kitchy self-serve mashed potato bar.
As a special treat how about serving hot chocolate, apple cider, mulled wine or even a festive eggnog? Set up a hot chocolate and churros station to top off your special evening.
Choosing a wedding cake that is wintry white and dusted with edible silver powder will dazzle your guests. Your wedding is sure to be a lovely affair and thoroughly enjoyed by ALL.
 If you still have not found what inspires you look to Pinterest for fun new Winter wedding ideas. Now-a-days, if you can't find it there you just ain't gonna find it!  How in the world did we plan such wonderful weddings before the age of the internet? Good luck in planning your perfect day!



  1. Ronda, I can see you just love doing this blog by all the beauty you post here. I love the idea of the wedding bouquet done with vintage jewelry. You really have my wheels turning on that one. Both my girls are married, but I'll still be around for my two granddaughters, hmmm.....

  2. Had to pin those two bouquets onto my Jewelry board so I can keep it before me. :)

    Coleen in Ukraine

  3. I have already begun collecting vintage brooches. Picking them up at estate, tag and garage sales. Not sure if Elizabeth will want to use them or not, but I'll be ready just in case!


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