Sunday, August 4

Welcome Aboard Emirates!

Although this is not news, flying is really not what it used to be. You may remember when people looked forward to flying. Traveling internationally used to be so glamorous. Very très chic. You knew you were in for diligent flight attendants, friendly conversations, relaxed atmosphere and of course, exotic places and new people. Sadly, this scenario has changed. Whether you are flying first class or economy, boast a Platinum frequent flyer card or stay in the waiting areas, at the end of the day we all face a similar fate. Airports are crowded; crews are tense and stretched in terms of workload; and passengers are irritable, caught waiting in lines and subject to searches of their belongings, bodies and electronic gadgets. However, Emirates has changed all of that. Reminiscent of Pan Am in it’s glory days, Emirates is the most fabulous airline in the world. They definitely put the glitz and glam back into international travel. The cabin design and amenities are incredible, and seem to be limitless!  For just a little bit more than other airlines you can fly Emirates, so why wouldn't you? Maybe you need a bit of convincing. 

Flight Crew
The award winning Emirates multilingual cabin crew provide a level of personal service that is unprecedented in the airline industry. They work to anticipate your every need. They dress in a classic uniform for every flight. When they get off the plane and exit the gate, they all walk together in perfect unison and look immaculate after working a 16 hour flight.  Not a wrinkle to be found on their uniforms, not a hair out of place or a stitch of makeup smudged as they carry their matching purses all on the same shoulder! Now that's some CLASS!

In the Economy Class wide aisles and an airy, expansive environment mean more room for each passenger. An advanced hand-held controller lets you personalize your experience, from adjusting your seat to selecting a movie. Gourmet cuisine with a selection of fine wines are served up and award winning in-flight entertainment add up to a stylish, glamorous and relaxing flight. 

Business Class isn’t too shabby either!  You can fully lounge back in a large comfy seat and watch TV all the way to your final destination.  There’s plenty of storage built in for your carry-ons and other personals, as well as a large pull out desk area to catch up on any work while you’re in the air. Need to email or chat via the web? It’s no problem with complementary WiFi!

First Class Cabin
Take a look at the First Class accommodations. The design of the first class cabin is really extraordinary.  Everything is trimmed in gold, and there’s burled walnut everywhere. Each cabin encloses with sliding doors for privacy with a built in mini fridge and individual lamps. Each seat is designed to pull out into a bed for sleeping. When you are ready to call it a night, one of the flight crew and will bring out sheets and make up your bed for you. It makes you feel like you have your very own little hotel room in the sky. 
With no set meal times in First Class, you’re free to eat what you like, when you like. A three course meal after take off? Coming right up. A bacon sandwich and a fresh juice at the bar after a little snooze? No problem. Your choice from Emirates Freedom menu will be individually and freshly prepared to your order and served up in style on fine china. As the flight crew serves up gourmet food and sees to your every desire you'll think you are in a restaurant, not a plane. 

First Class Cabins
Whether you want to keep up with the latest news or sports; take in the view from the aircraft's external cameras and follow the progress of your flight; or if you're in the mood for a great movie or want to watch one of your favorite TV programs from around the world; Emirates ICE entertainment system has it ALL! With the 23" wide-screen LCD that features over 600 channels you’re sure to find a worthy diversion. If it’s music you prefer, video games, live television, or staying connected to family, friends or colleagues on the ground using Wi-Fi, mobile phone or in-seat SMS and email there's always something on, something to do, someway to keep you connected - so sit back, relax and enjoy all Emirates has to offer.

Need to relax? The in-flight bar and lounge area appears to be super swanky considering it’s on an airplane!  It’s sleek design and attention to detail make it a beautiful place to relax and visit with fellow travelers while you are flying to your destination. Enjoy, all drinks are complimentary!

Emirates Onboard Shower Spa
And yes, you guessed it… There’s even a spa on the plane! A far cry from the tiny bathrooms that we’re used to on most air crafts. Located on the upper deck, in front of the First Class cabin are two exquisitely designed on-board spa shower units for their First Class customers. Arrive at your destination revitalized and refreshed.
And if you still aren't convinced here's one last nugget. If you need a little snuggle time with the one you love or prefer to sleep with your travel partner instead of alone.....not to worry. The flight crew can accommodate you as well. The desk area and dividing partition magically disappear to make wake way for a full size bed. What's NOT to love about that??
Emirates A380
From Private Suites and Shower Spas, to beds and award-winning in-flight entertainment, Emirates offers a unique experience on each of its flights. It simply amazes me how they can get so much on something that flies 43,000 feet up in the sky. It really is just like a flying luxury hotel!
Where will TOMORROW take you?



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