Monday, August 26


When the alarm goes off and you want to pull the covers over your head, the last thing most of us want to think about is what to send in our children's lunchboxes. Some days are easier than others, like leftovers from the night before. Then there are the days when you feel like you are packing the same things over and over again. At some point you may begin to stare into the pantry and the refrigerator and strain to think of lunch possibilities. If you find yourself standing at the grocery store and decide that lunch-ables are a good idea, the time has arrived to sit down and make a creative lunchbox menu list. 

In case you need a little inspiration on what to pack in your kids’ lunchboxes as they head back to school, here are a few fun lunchbox ideas to get you going. 

  • Apple or Raisin cinnamon bread spread with either cream cheese or peanut butter, serve with veggies and fruit.
  • Fruit Skewers - Make lunch fun by sticking it on a skewer. A great way to use up odds and ends at the end of the week. Add cubed chicken, ham or cheese for protein.
  • Pizza Rolls - Tortilla, thinly sliced Cheddar cheese, and large Pepperoni slices rolled up and sliced into pinwheels, serve with fruit.
  • Smoothies - Freeze homemade smoothies on the weekend. Pack them frozen in an insulated lunchbox with an ice pack. They will thaw to the right consistency for stirring and slurping by lunchtime. YUM!
  • PB&J Sushi, serve with fruit and goldfish.
  • Yogurt - Keep them in the freezer and pack them in lunches. They will help keep kids lunches cooler and will be thawed out in time for lunch. Serve with veggies and pretzels.
  • Banana or Zucchini Bread Sandwiches - Spread with cream cheese, serve with yogurt and fruit.
  • Ham or Turkey, Swiss or Cheddar cheese and Butter Crackers, serve with fruit and yogurt covered raisins.
  • Ham and Cheddar Cheese Sliders - Ham and Cheese on small rolls, serve with grapes and goldfish.
  • Easy Quesadillas - Shredded cheese and left-over Rotisserie Chicken microwaved in a tortilla, serve with salsa, fruit and veggies.
  • Stuffed Pita with salad, Turkey and Cheese, serve with yogurt and raisins.
  • Hot Ham & Cheese - English muffin topped with Ham, Turkey and Swiss Cheese, serve with veggies and chips.
  • Picky Eater Nibbles - Goldfish crackers, Raisins, Cheddar cheese stick cubed, fruit, rolled deli meat, carrot sticks, etc.
  • Mini Pizza - Bagel topped with Marinara sauce, Mozzarella and Pepperoni for homemade pizzas, serve with veggies and fruit.
  • Pinwheels - Deli Turkey and Swiss cheese Roll-ups, serve with carrots and fruit.

I raised two children and here is the one important lesson I learned after packing 18 years of lunches: GET YOUR CHILDREN'S INPUT! As mom's we want our children to eat a healthy lunch to fuel their bodies and minds. However, your good intentions may reap a hungry child. If they don't like what you pack in their lunches THEY WILL NOT EAT - IT'S THAT SIMPLE. I wish it weren't that way, so be careful to choose when to fight that battle. Dinner is a more appropriate time to take up the battle of eating veggies and trying new foods. 

Do yourself a favor, sit down and make a list of menus that fit the particular needs of your children. It will save you time, effort and undue stress during the school week and in the long'll be glad ya did!


These little eggs filled with finger foods are so cute. If you've got time to accomplish this on a are wonderfully and uniquely blessed!

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