Thursday, August 15


It's that time again, DATE NIGHT! Are you ready? Even though you can't see me - my arm is raised HIGH!! Whether you're looking for a way to celebrate a blessedly free weekend from the kids or an idea for an inventive first date, I assembled a list of  top notch 'date night' ideas to help spice up your relationship. If it's precious time you're wanting to spend with your loved one look no further. As I was searching for ways that Mr.P and I could break free from the mundane dinner-and-a-movie rut, my list took on a life of it's own. I gladly share my list with you. I'll post two to three ideas every week over the next several months. Hope you find something here that sparks your fire! Here is Week 1 & Week 2 in case you missed them....enjoy.`


Float Your Boat
A wonderful Summer date idea is to float down a river. Many communities with rivers have canoe & kayak rentals and some even have tubing expeditions. You haven't lived until you have been tubing down a river in the Texas Hill Country! Floating down a river is really relaxing and many rivers have parks along the shore where you can stop and have a bite to eat. You might even be able to go on a guided tour. If you are new to kayaking or canoeing, you should ask the outfitters about the technical aspects of the river. And don't forget: Wear a life jacket! Being safe is ROMANTIC!

Beach Bums & Babes
The beach is the quintessential Summer location. Hopefully, you live somewhere near a great beach. Spending the day at the beach can be fun and romantic, not to mention relaxing. Maybe your idea of a perfect date at the beach involves playing Frisbee and volleyball. Or, like me, your idea of a perfect 'beach' date might be to relax on the sand, comb the beach for seashells and holding hands while walking along the shore. There is something truly magical about time spent near the water. Even if you do not live near a big beach, but some inland lakes, spending time along the water can be very romantic. 

The Tried & True Summer Movies  
Two for the 9 pm show, please! The Summer movie season is upon us and what better way to spend a rare moment in the dark with your date than in a crowded movie theater. Summer movies aren't all about giant robots, super heroes, and making things go "BOOM" really loudly. There are also little known smaller, more intimate flicks that can be nice, and romantic. Turn your movie date night into a mini-vacation by matching dinner and a movie. Kung fu action flick? Order some spicy noodles at your local Chinese restaurant. French film noir? Hit the nearest bistro. Italian family drama? Share a big bowl of spaghetti. It can turn an ordinary date night into something special. And if you happen to be low on cash, brunch and a matinee can be just as fun! Pass the popcorn please....sweetie pea. 

This extra tip is from a valued reader, it's a great idea!
I told my fiance I am planning "Date Day"...We are going to a local museum that has free entry on Mondays, then lunch at a lovely French Bistro that we have been drooling over for a long time and then an early afternoon movie. What's so interesting about this date idea?  Well - its very friendly on my wallet!!  Doing an afternoon movie, finding free admission and doing lunch instead of dinner helps cut costs without losing the experience. I also love the idea of surprising my fiance with a fun day on the town!! Its fun to change things up!! ~ Ella
Take advantage of the great 
weather this week and get out there and date!



Mr.P, The Man in The Moon & Me...that's all I need!

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