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How To Add Curb Appeal To Your Home

Summer is a key time for potential home buyers. We are all aware that certain home improvements will add value to our home. But were you equally aware  that a nice curb appeal can also 'up' your asking price? Adding curb appeal by synchronizing the look, neatness and efficiency of the outside of your home prepares it for sale. Providing smart makeovers to the outside of your home delivers class, increased value and the extra oomph factor you are looking for when it comes to selling your home. So, get going and explore some home improvement ideas to stay ahead of the competition. Here are a few ideas.

Decorate The Entrance

When selling your home, first impressions  are lasting. As you keep this in mind, begin looking for simple and inexpensive was to renovate the entrance to your home.
  • Pretty Fence and Arbor: Broken and rotten fences are a big no-no. Remove weed growth and treat the fence with pest resistant solutions. Subtle-sophisticated fence patterns can make the entrance look nice as well or install an arbor to enhance the Summer effect of your yard.
  • Sculpted Planter Beds: Strewn trees, overgrowing shrubs and obscured planter beds can be a sore sight. Get out the pruning shears and prune the shrubs and trees around your home. It provides shape and structure to the yard. The smooth sleek lines of a beautiful planter bed will increase the curb appeal.
  • Inviting Accessory: A hanging wind chime or bell on the entrance gate can look awesome. It may make the buyers immediately connect to the design element of the outdoors.
  • Outdoor Art: Get rid of boring curb appeal by spicing up the area with eye catching outdoor art. This can be anything from fence sconces, potted plants, a porch swing to something as simple as a whirly-gig. Get in touch with your creative side to come up with some amusing ideas that will fit the character of your home.

Dress Up The Driveway

Mottled and smudged driveways can be a spoilsport when it comes to outdoor design. A pathway leading to a garage and lawn needs to be attractive to catch the eye.
  • Sculptures: Stone or ceramic figurines can size up a traditional driveway well. Modern installations like topiary, wrought iron sculptures and fixtures can further renew the appearance of an area.
  • Lighting: Build a outdoor room with lighting by providing a touch of illumination to sidewalk with lanterns. Using solar brick lamps and tracklights are among energy conserving ideas. Dimmers and flood lamps are two contemporary outdoor lighting concepts.
  • Remove Stains and Cracks: Smudged pathways and stained sidewalks can turn people away. It is necessary to install new tiles if they are broken. Cleaning the driveway and garage floors regularly in Summers will keep everything walk through ready.
  • Brick the Edges: By bricking the driveway edges, you not only provide an organized appearance to the area but also make it more inviting.
  • Cover Gutters: If your potential buyer loses their footing on uncovered gutters you may find yourself in a tight spot. To save such accidents and maintain driveways, it is better to keep the outdoor gutters covered at all times.

Do Away With The Old

A rusty and dilapidated outdoors will keep people away. Perk things up to welcome buyers inside!
  • Gates and Fences: Creaking gates and askew fences are definitely a big turn off. Take out the rust and grime on fences and gates. Groom these well with nice polish and paint. Replace these, if badly tethered and broken. Oil the hinges and keep gates updated. 
  • Mailbox: Nowadays, mailbox are not just a functional accessory. These days, mailboxes are a design essential. Therefore, you can consider installing a new and improved mailbox that is more inviting.
  • Welcome Signs: Welcome your guests and potential buyers with anything from a friendly wreath on your front door to a pretty potted plant.  Dress your doors, it's a good sign of things to come.
  • Waste Baskets: Keep outdoor garbage cans picked up and clean. Check and make sure your trash bin is in perfect condition this season and remember to empty the garbage regularly.

Pretty Up The Porch

The porch is a space where people gather and spend evenings. To render it an everlasting comfort-providing place, you need to adhere to some home improvement ideas.
  • Beautify Doorstep: Pebble and mosaic tiles or colorful floor ideas can catch the attention of guests. Make sure the step edges are not jagged or sharp. You might want to install rugs on the doorsteps this season.
  • Upgrade Railings: Chipped and railings that are falling down can invite accidents. Fix broken balustrades, replace damaged tops, and remove grease and other nuisances from the your railings.
  • Pot Plants: Bring your porch alive with a few potted plants. This will build a lively ambiance. Summer flowers and climbers can help add wonder to this space.
  • Fine Seating: Upholstery furniture, a cushioned swing, cane or bamboo chairs along with a casual coffee table can be the makings of the perfect porch. Adding outdoor throw pillows and summer candles will enchant your guests.
  • Accent Rugs: Spread out accent rugs on your porch for added Summer beauty. This can be a sign of a hearty welcome for your guests. Choose jute, coir or bamboo accent doormats. These are a good choice for outdoor flooring.
  • Mold Free: Scrape off mold and mildew growth on outdoor decking. This could make the area slippery and cause it to smell......definitely warding off potential buyers. 

Fresh Garden Makeovers

An open garden dissolves ugliness and brings serene look to the outdoors. However, if the turf is not managed well, it can devalue a home. Here is how to increase curb appeal through organized gardens.
  • Addition of Accessories: A water fountain and birdbath will grant cheerful appearance to your summer garden. Designer planters and reclaimed pots can add the necessary wow factor to the surroundings.
  • Benches: If you already have garden benches, then you need to check on their condition. Tighten their screws, planks, repair the backside and seat, if damaged. If not, install a few worthy garden benches for pleasant seating space.
  • Symmetrical Planting: Crop the shrubs, prune the plants, and maintain the flowerbeds well. You garden should possess a symmetrical appearance that does not ruin the beauty of the green turf. 
  • Install A Summer Pergola: In the sizzling Summer, it is best to create a shelter around the garden seating. A pergola can do the trick. This will not only provide a comfortable hangout in the scorching heat but is also great for drive-up appeal for your home.

If All Else Fails ADD CHARM!

Some outdoor features need care and attention to enhance the aesthetics. Here is a list of factors you must look into to improve the curb appeal .
  • Windows: Fill up the cracks and caulk them to prevent heat entering indoors. Get rid of the peeling paints, poking splinters and termites. Rework the window panels, if they need repair. Reattach any shutters that may be loose and spruce them up with a fresh coat of paint.
  • Front Door: Utilize a Summer wreath to decorate your front door. Polish and paint them well to keep them looking stylish. Do away with rusty knobs and door handles. Add a kick plate for extra pzazz! 
  • Front Lighting: A pendant lamp, antiqued lantern or wall sconces installed in the lawn or outdoor porch is great as illumination sources in Summer. Take some time to create just the right mood in your homes exteriors lighting.
  • Ceilings: Fixing the holes and cracks in the rooftops and porch ceilings will uplift the curb appeal. Repairing roofs will garner a compact look to your home. Checking your roof and replacing any loose shingles with new one should be one of the seasonal routine checks you make every year.
  • Accent Trim and Siding: Curvaceous trimmings and intricate siding will help in embellishing your outdoor structures like pergolas, roofs, railings and shelters. These may complete the home design and compliment the curb appeal.
Renovating your house outdoors this Summer can definitely interest potential buyers and boost your overall asking price! Definitely worth a bit of time to enhancing your overall curb appeal!!


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