Thursday, December 17

How To Make Birch Wood Candles

This DIY project is a simple way to turn beautiful birch logs into decorative candle holders. They look wonderful and festive, and will make a beautiful decoration to your own home.

Thursday, December 10

Red Velvet Cake, It's A Birthday Tradition!

In our family, tradition is HUGE. If I tried to explain all that it encompasses, we'd be here all day! Suffice it to say, Red Velvet Cake has ALWAYS been the cake of choice when birthdays roll around. My grandmother started that tradition when my sister and I were just wee ones. And now, it's what our children ask for on their special day. My grandmother had her own recipe, and as children we thought it a delightful cake. Not to speak ill of my wonderful grandmother, but as we grew older we realized our cakes were lacking.... something. Then my mother picked up the spoon and she started baking cakes for our children. The kids LOVED MeMe's Red Velvet Cake, and we rode that cake plate for quite some time. But as each generation passes, so must the baking of the beloved Red Velvet Cake.

Monday, December 7

Pearl Harbor Day, Mrs. Miniver & Thinking

As today is December 7th, Pearl Harbor Day, AMC has been running non-stop war movies, from the battlefield and the home front.  Seeing as how I couldn't sleep in the wee hours this morning, and I've already dusted, I watched Mrs. Miniver. One of my ALL time favorite WW II films. So I have a couple of thoughts, and bear with me as this is how my mind works - it drifts.