Tuesday, April 9

TRAVEL TUESDAY: America, The Beautiful

Summer is fast approaching and many of you are contemplating your vacation plans. To be or NOT to be...?  The P's are headed off to Europe this Summer, mainly in celebration of our baby girl's high school graduation. If you have read any of my vacation post you will have noticed the word 'un-vacation'....well my friends, this is most definitely an UN-VACATION. You don't fly all the way across the big pond to lay around your hotel room, airfare is at a premium right now and I am NOT a waster of money! We will rest when we return home.

With that being said, I have been thinking about all the wonderful and beautiful spots we have right here in our own country. You don't have to spend big money or travel a long distance to have an immensely satisfying vacation. And for those of you out there that have not had the chance to travel abroad.....here is a little secret you should know: No country in Europe, Asia or the Middle East has ANYTHING on AMERICA. Especially when it comes to beauty. We have never traveled anywhere outside of the US that is as pretty as Texas, especially in the Springtime while it's covered with a carpet of bluebonnets and Indian paintbrush. The rest of the world offers us history. You go to see where it all started, discover how it happened and see the remains of what once was. 

So in the spirit of Uncle Sam and our United States of America, I bring to you some of the most beautiful places in the world.....and they just happen to be right here in our own back yard. From the beaches of Hawaii to the plains of the Midwest, ENJOY!

Driving across the Golden Gate Bridge, coming into San Francisco from Marin County, just after passing through the tunnel. It's breath-taking every time.

Nothing prepares you for your first view of the Grand Canyon. I always saw pictures but they didn't translate to the real thing. Standing right there on the precipice at the first overlook I was truly blown away at its massive size and unique beauty.

Lanikai Beach, Hawaii, on Oahu...need I say more?

We have loved the ocean views from Key West, Florida all the way north on the East coast, but the Maine coast is eerily beautiful. WE LOVE MAINE.

The Japanese Gardens at Manito in Spokane, Washington.

One of the most beautiful places in the world is closer than you think. Havasu Falls in the Grand Canyon area and the amazing turquoise waters below the falls. A must see on anyone's bucket list!

The view of the Capitol Building at night from Pennsylvania Avenue. Realizing the freedom that it represents is truly awe inspiring....it doesn't get better than that!

One of our favorites, LAKE TAHOE.

You may not know that the US has territories in the Caribbean. St. John, US Virgin Islands is actually a National Park. Preserved in it's original pristine state. Much of it untouched by man, it's gorgeous.

Nantucket, Mass. This is the way to spend a spectacular Summer. Martha's Vineyard is a close second. 

Yellowstone National Park, it is full of beauty and wonder.

The Redwood Forrest and the Northern Pacific coast have a rare and quiet solitude. A must see.

The White Mountains of New Hampshire in the Winter, Spring, Summer and FALL!

Because I am an urban creature, I LOVE NYC! I find beauty in the city that never sleeps. I love New York City for it's pent-up energy!

The view from the top of Diamond Head in Hawaii.

Bryce Canyon is known world-wide for it's unique geology and brightly colored spires.

Driving into Boulder Colorado on the Diagonal Highway shares post card views.

The Great Plains of America. Whether you are watching a storm blow in, watching a sunrise or sunset, or just being able to see for miles. The Mid-West is the best.

Early morning in Jackson Hole Wyoming is charming.

Big Sur California and the magical 17- mile drive.

Glacier National Park has spectacular iconic scenery.

Antelope Canyon in northwestern Arizona. It's a slot canyon with some of the most amazing shapes and colors. Great place to visit!

Olympic National Park touches people's hearts and feeds their soul. From Ruby Beach's tempestuous coastline to the heights of the Cascade Mountains and the peacefulness of Crescent Lake it is a land of beauty and variety.

The Beartooth Highway in Montana. Incredible vistas, alpine wildflowers, marmots, and butterflies...it is considered American's most beautiful drive.

Muir Woods National Monument. Sacred and beyond beautiful. Our son lost his glasses here while visiting one Summer. We joke that there is a bear somewhere in the woods making good use of those spectacles!

The Texas Hill Country awash with Bluebonnets in the Springtime.

Let's love it, appreciate what we have and do what we can to conserve it's natural beauty and resources.....
.....you'll be glad ya did!



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