Saturday, April 13

Oh and by the way, Did You Hear About Candy Fagerlin?

Day two of sharing my favorite Bloggers and their Blogs. Today I bring to you Candy Fagerlin of 'The Little Round Table'. Candy is impossibly talented and she has a killer collection of Fiestaware and vintage table cloths. Just visiting her Blog you will see tablescapes are her passion! She has hundreds of table cloths. She has inspired me to start a collection of my own....I have discovered eBay and all of the wonderful vintage table cloths for sale. So far, I have purchased 6 lovelies and I enjoy using them. Allow yourself to drool over the eye candy below and stop by and tell Candy 'hey!'

Elizabeth and Bradley, her Naval cadet.
Doesn't this sweet little fuzzy photo look like they just stepped out of the 1940's?
One formal down. One more to go!

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