Friday, April 5

and now for something completely different.....The VW Microbus

For what started off as an awkward looking vehicle, the VW Bus has turned into one of the most iconic automobiles ever produced. In the late 40's, Volkswagen began expanding its product line to include a micro-bus, which went into production in 1950.....and as they say the rest is history. A star was born. From movies to music to movements, the 'Microbus' has been there and done that for generations to love and enjoy.

One thing is for certain, there is a magic to these micro-minis that is beyond words, a love affair with what they have come to represent. So what is the magic? After 60 years of V-Dub Mini-Bus Luv, I think it may come down to one word....freedom. People embracing their own freedom, and with that comes a deep sense of love for life. The VW Bus was never just a vehicle, it was a way of life, a life of true freedom, a life many still continue to embraceSo forget driving a SUV, the microbus is better.....she has character!

Sad news folks, it appears that after 63 years, Volkswagen will soon cease production of this design classic. As of December 2013, the VW Microbus will no longer be rolling off the production lines in Brazil, the only country still manufacturing this iconic vehicle. 

From the Microbus' beginnings as a humble family wagon, its rise to counter-culture icon during the 60's and 70's to its current status as vehicle of choice for road trippers, festival goers, surfers and lovers of all things retro, there’s little doubt the VW Microbus will live on as a symbol of freedom, adventure and the wide open road. It will continue to keep on truckin' into the hearts and minds of people everywhere, because of course, it is a VW bus. Frankly, what else could it be?

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