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Traditional June Brides: From Cap and Gown To Wedding Gown

Fresh ceremony ideas for brides, grooms

and the whole wedding party. 

"Oh they say when you marry in June, you're a BRIDE all your life............"
Taken from the song JUNE BRIDE of "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers"
Does anyone know what being a 'June Bride' means or how the custom became a tradition? This will most likely gross you out so hold on to something! Back in the day1100-1600, respectively, people married in June mainly because towards the end of May is when people would take their YEARLY bath. You read it correctly......baths came once a year unless you were royalty and you bathed every few months. For the majority of people this was a luxury not included in their monthly routine. ONCE  A YEAR? They bathed only once a year! Was there NO ONE back in the day with OCD? Truth be told, I have a hard time understanding this logic. Okay, so, you've got people bathing towards the end of May and they 'smelled' relatively good compared to I'm guessing April. Ergo, JUNE BRIDES were FRESH BRIDES. So if this IS the reason why June was the most popular month to marry, why do we still hold on to a tradition that there is no basis for now? The month of June still holds the record with the highest number of marriages.
Great casual wedding party. Everyone in white,
but all in different styles.Really looks fun and relaxing,
something you will always remember!
With the perfect moderate temperatures of early summer blending with glorious natural floral displays, beautiful lush green foliage and young men and women graduating from college, it's no wonder that June weddings have never gone out of style. Many June weddings are held out of doors in a beautiful garden setting. This allows for a much more casual and laid back wedding. If you have dreamed of being a June bride, like so many others here are a few tips on how to have the perfect 'Outdoor June Wedding' without breaking the bank.
How beautiful! No need to purchase floral
arrangements when they are flowering all around you.
So much more natural and free-flowing.
An outdoor June wedding can be inexpensive and easy if you take a cue from Mother Nature. Incorporate some of the natural elements of the season. Decorate with seasonal flowers, greenery and blossoms. They are an elegant touch to any June wedding. Marry in a park where there is an abundance of natural floral arrangements. Many couples here in the Dallas area choose to marry at the Dallas Arboretum, it is a lovely choice for an outdoor wedding. It is filled with many different gardens and buildings that are overflowing with blooms, greenery and views of  White Rock Lake and downtown Dallas. If you choose to marry in a local park make sure to apply and receive the proper permits to wed in a public space BEFORE the wedding begins.
This is the rooftop at 'Off The Grid' here in Dallas.
What a spectacular view for such a casual wedding,
serving lemonade, sandwiches and individual
Lemon Meringue Pie!
I LOVE THE CITY! Living in the city has it's advantages. I'm sure there are many couples that feel the same. If you choose to have a wedding with an urban feel, try a roof top wedding. This is a casual venue with a little laid back class. Having your wedding and reception all at the same location is very convenient. Google your city and see which locations fit your particular needs.
SMART BRIDE! She told the girls her colors for the rooftop wedding
and let them loose at the store! These lucky bridesmaids bought dresses
that they will definitely wear again! Breezy sundresses. I love this
idea. Even the bride chose to wear a a shorter hemline.
Choose dresses that are lightweight and made with natural material. This will keep everyone cooler and much happier. Use the colors of the season. If you choose an outdoor venue go by and look at the colors in this space. Using dresses and bouquets in the same color family will save you quite a bit of money if you don't find it necessary to buy big floral arrangements. Use God's florist!
A simple set up of white chairs makes a backyard a nice
setting for your wedding.
Marrying in a public park is nice but will rarely have the seating you need for guests. Look to your local rental company, they will most likely have a variety of chair to choose from. Here in our area each chair is about $3.00 for rental. A bit more if you have them delivered and set up. If your guest list is small you can designate someone to pick up the chairs and have them in place before the ceremony begins.
This is truly making your wedding day your own!
Make this wedding your own by adding your own style and flair. Accomplishing this is easier than you might think. If you and your fiance are laid back, you could choose a summery, breezy white sundress instead of a formal long wedding gown. The bridesmaids could wear sundresses as well. The groom would look great in a white button down shirt and nice jeans while his groomsmen wear button down shirts in a color of your choosing. This may be your style while other brides want a more formal look. Either way, choose something you are comfortable with and your wedding will be memorable, not only for yourself but others as well. Your guest know you and will appreciate your style.
LOVE the flip flops!
Give your rings the personal touch they deserve! Instead of the traditional ring pillow, consider an  alternative. Use your imagination. The possibilities are limitless. A decoupaged box or make a cut in the center of your favorite book of poetry. Getting married on the beach? How about using a beautiful shell filled with sand to cushion your rings. My favorite idea is to use a  bird's nest in a garden setting. Not upscale enough? Try an exquisite, heirloom evening bag or a small, artsy, blown-glass bowl that you can later use in your home.
Great idea for a casual garden wedding!
An outdoor wedding can be a bit windy causing you to not use a unity candle. You have options here too. In some cultures the couple drinks out of the same glass symbolizing oneness. You could use one of the glasses that you registered for, making this a special time for the two of you. For a more upscale wedding you could have champagne passed around to all the guest and have a toast here from the groom, father of the bride or father of the groom. A good toast might be:
      "To the unification of our two families. May it be peaceful and loving.  May we always demonstrate the respect for each other that we want for ourselves. May we each share the best of our unique qualities for the benefit of the whole. And may our times together be abundantly joyful." 
The toast being given during the wedding ceremony is different and out of the ordinary making it very memorable.
Love the yellow shoes!!
Here's a twist; after you two repeat your vows, have a copy of your vows ready and waiting for you and your new husband to 'sign'. Not only will you be repeating your vows but also signing a copy of them. Lay this copy of your vows out during the reception and have guest sign it as well. Such a great alternative to a guest book. Afterwards you can have it matted, framed and hung next to a wedding photo of you and your husband.
A beautiful and symbolic reminder of your wedding vows. 
Displayed it prominently in your future home.
Last, but certainly not least, the wedding cake. What's a different 'fresh' idea for cake? How about cup cakes or cookies cut in the shape of a wedding dress and tux. Both of these ideas are simple, hand held items that don't require your guest to be sitting at a table. Punch? How about a large bucket full of your favorite flavored water, drink or even punch iced down. Have friends and family help you save the Starbucks glass bottles and lids. Sterilize them, print your own label and fill with your choice of punch. No pouring or washing of cups at a reception. Set out a recycle container and have guests throw their glass bottles here. Quick, easy and believe me your guest will remember this small detail.
A wonderful alternative to a traditional
cupcake, florals for a garden wedding.
Just remember your wedding should reflect you and your fiance's style. So maybe it won't look like you OR your mother thought it would, but it's important to remember that there in no right or wrong here. No one telling you 'how' it should look or what could have been. Coulda, Woulda, really doesn't matter. The only thing that matters is Love and what you are comfortable with. This is NOT the day to please people! It's your day, be yourself! Once you overcome that hurdle, Anything is possible!
     Your guest know you and will appreciate your style.

My Mother was and is a June Bride.
June 15, 1962. 50 years!
My parents are still mad about each other!
There something to this June Tradition!
Congratulations to ALL of the June Brides of 2012
Here is to you and your Sweetie Pie.
I hope you make it 50 years as well!

This is a great link to a Casual-Chic outdoor Wedding!


June Bride

from the musical
'Seven Brides For Seven Brothers'

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