Thursday, May 31

What Defines Summer For You?

Tomorrow is June 1, 2012 and E is already bored!! I have been contemplating what is on the Porter's list of activities for this summer. The more I look at it I think, whoa....hold up a minute....let's see if we can make time for some fun and old fashioned frivolity! The words of Ferris ring true from the 80's teen movie 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off'; "Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it". So here are a few ideas from my 'Summer Frivolity' list. Do you have a summer fun list? If so what do you have planned? Anything is possible........
Lounge by the pool. Drinking lemonade at outdoor cafes. Jumping in the waves of the ocean. Walking in the sand and holding Mr.P's hand. Hot summer nights. Snorkeling.
Sleeping with the window open. Looking at the stars. 
Full moons. Making plans. Traveling abroad. Sightseeing.
Iced coffee. Fresh strawberries. Pretty sundresses. Shopping at the outdoor market. 
Hanging out with friends. Snoozing in a shady hammock!
Looking forward to spending time with Family. Being easy going and laid back. Listening to music at the Dallas Arboretum. Bar-B-Q Cook Out.
Picnics on the Beach. Camping out in the backyard. Baseball games. Movies and popcorn. Dinning al fresco with good friends. SHOPPING with your best girlfriends.
Riding in cars with with Mr.P! down, windows open and 
the radio blasting. LAUGHING! Wild About Harry's Frozen Custard.
Riding bikes. Eating watermelon. ROLLER COASTERS! Fireworks. Cruising, sailing or canoeing. Write letters to dear friends. Hiking. Fly a Kite. Play a Board Game.
BLOCK PAR-TAYY! Read. Make homemade ice cream. Jump on a trampoline. Roast marshmallows and make S'MORES! AND if you don't have a true kindred spirit kind of lasting love......then by all means FALL IN LOVE! there anything better than young love? So again I ask you, what will you do this summer of 2012? I do believe with a wild imagination and good friends and family you can have a SPECTACULAR TIME!

a little ditty from me to you, ENJOY!
                                                                          Rules To Live  By:

     I HOPE you all have a Fantastic Summer!
Drop me a line and let me know where your IMAGINATION took you 
and the FUN you had along the WAY!


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