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Father's Day Gifts: Life Lessons From Dad!

 I have to start with a picture that includes mother. Ron and Gloria Chesser.....they rarely do anything or go anywhere without each other. 
Daddy is a rather enthusiastic fan of football.
He loves Texas Tech and the Dallas Cowboys.
He plans his fall weekends very carefully!
Riding and talking with Daddy. We love to talk.
I must have inherited the 'gift of gab' from him!
I added this just because I love it so much.
Elizabeth with Daddy. We were in Washington DC.
She loves her DeDe.
One of Daddy's favorite things.....napping.
He can fall asleep anywhere and in any position.
It's a gift!
Daddy loves to travel and experience new things. He and Mom have travelled
extensively. Here he is with Elizabeth waiting for their cruise punch before
the 'big' show! He took her on a sweet.
Daddy married a pretty girl!
Married for 50 years and still crazy about each other.
Says a lot about Daddy as a husband.
Mom and Dad in the Cayman Islands. Doing that traveling thing
they do so well. Keeping cool in the shade.
Alright I will share with you this less than desirable photo to show
you what a handsome guy my daddy WAS and IS.
He loves the three women in his life!
Daddy with his first great-grandchild, David Suddreth.
This was taken about 2 months after our move to Dallas.
Look at that 70's chair and how young Daddy is!
Young? He's really young here, maybe 18.
He is bottom row, 5th from the left, dark hair and glasses.
Mom is second row, third from left. The JBC choir
is where they met and fell in love.
One happy man wouldn't you say? He's dancing!
Believe me this is NOT normal behavior, but we loved it!
Daddy spoke at our grandmother, Little Gran's Memorial Service.
Dad is second from the left. To the left and right of him
are some of his closest lifelong friends.
Mr.P is down on the right in the brown.
Daddy and Mother with Elizabeth, their last grandchild.
Love his knees!
 NOT sleeping but just waking up.
Right in time for Thanksgiving Dinner!
He's visiting the cooks in the kitchen.
Our family LOVES to spend time together and usually found eating!

 Mom and Daddy with LONG-time friends, Tony and Jerri Sue Cleaver.

Daddy has had the honor to baptized both
of his daughters and all four grandchildren.
He was bending over to kiss mom,
something they do quite often!

The three men in our family. {l-r}
Jared, Dad and Mr.P. Hoping to add a few more!

 For a man that didn't want children at all, Daddy looks
pretty content surrounded by his grandchildren.

Dad and Mom with Big Gran at the seminary in Jacksonville.
Dad was on the board of trustees here as well as JBC for a long time.

Remember that gift of gab? Dad is telling us something!
Daddy and Mr.P ALWAYS talk business, taxes and money!
Something that makes him happy, see that smile?!
The Chessers, Dad, me, Mom and Steph in front of the 
parsonage in Bryan/College Station, Tx.
He looks a little wild eyed, we were having a great time
celebrating mom's birthday.
Mom and Dad with the youngest two
grandchildren, Elizabeth and Kristin.
Being with mom and the kids makes him happy. Elizabeth
on a Friday night with the Poteet Band.
But, Daddy is more happy and content........
.....lighthearted and satisfied being alone with Mom....
.....just the two of them.
   This just makes my heart smile!

If you haven't been lucky enough to meet my Father, Ron Chesser, let me introduce you and tell you a bit about the man I know and love. My Dad is the most caring and generous man I have  ever known, besides Mr.P of course. He is WISE and discerning, a man with integrity and principles and most importantly, a Man with a heart that follows after God.

I have often said that growing up in our home was like growing up in a bubble. As kids we never worried, wanted or wished for anything different. Daddy gave us the gift of security and a peace of mind. I'm sure there were times when things weren't easy for him, but we never felt insecure. What a wonderful gift he gave his daughters. His son-in-law, Mr.P, has complained about this for years. Daddy is a hard act to follow for any man. Mr.P informed him early in our marriage that whenever there was a decision to be made he would suggest to me a perfectly  sane idea just to be told that I didn't think it was so hot! We would then call Daddy for advice upon which Dad would then suggest the very SAME idea. Then, and only then did I think it was a GRAND and WONDERFUL idea! Mr.P was NOT a fan of this mentality. But isn't a girl suppose to think her Daddy could never be wrong?

Dad is a Baptist Preacher and Financial Whiz, truly. He has a set of principles that he has always lived by. They are, in descending order, God, mom, family, church and then other activities. His friends that know him well understand that what Dad preaches on Sunday is how he lives his life. Some that have traveled with Dad have been surprised by this...a few people...which I find odd. Daddy is not a hypocrite! The man that they see preaching in the pulpit on Sunday morning is the very same down to earth guy you have a meeting with on Monday. No difference what so ever. He's the man who sat at our table for breakfast and dinner and drove us to school. We never saw him contradict himself during the week. What he preached about on Sunday was truly how he lived during the week. A gift that was taught purely by example. An extraordinary life lesson.

This is not Daddy's Bible. I wish I had a photo to share with you. The Bible's that he uses to preach out of are literally unreadable. Read, reread and written in until you can hardly see the print. He has notes written ALL over them. I LOVE looking at his Bibles, his hand writing is extremely small and indiscernible to other people. His calendar is even worse. He is a DETAIL guy! He loves details, and he misses nothing! Dad stays on top of everything at all times. He reminds us of things all of  the time. Again giving us security!

My Dad has had a major influence on many people including his daughters. He has helped to create the determined, assertive, thoughtful and confident woman that I am today. No shrinking violet, I have strong opinions and share them with the world.  Well my world at least. I also have a belief in myself that I deserve the best that life has to offer. I believe this is the legacy, a remarkable gift that our supportive father gave to his daughters. If Daddy had said one thing and lived another life entirely we would never have learned these life lessons that we cherish so much.

Daddy is a loyal and true friend who is valued by many lucky people. He was a wonderful son to his parents, as a child and adult, dedicated to taking care of them fully. He has been an outstanding son-in-law. He loves my mother's parents as his own. Dad has been a care-free and fun brother-in-law. He has been such a blessing to my aunt upon the death of her husband. He has advised her wisely. Daddy has been an unparalleled husband, truly! He LOVES Mom! She is his best friend and he treats her like a queen. And if that's all he was, that alone would be enough for me! He's a wonderful father, ALWAYS there for Steph and me if we should ever need him. We are truly Blessed Children and fortunate to call him Dad.

I heard someone say once, 'As a Father, the choices that you make will either BLESS your family or hurt them'. That IS MY FATHER!That is HIS LIFE. HE MAKES GOOD CHOICES! {He chose MOM!} He has spent almost 70 years on this earth and He is a living testament to this simple statement. He has been such a blessing to our family and God has Blessed Him in return. Love you Dad.


Proverbs 10:9
The man of integrity walks securely...

Proverbs 17:24
A discerning man keeps wisdom in view....

Wonderful Life-long Gifts From Dad.

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