Tuesday, June 19

NYC's Summer 2012 Restaurant Week

Rejoice, my foodie friends — NYC has announced their dates for the 2012 Summer Restaurant Week, running from July 16 to August 10. For 20 days, bargain hunters, like myself , will have an opportunity to dine at some of the city's most popular restaurants at discounted prices. A three-course prix-fixe lunch is $27.04, while a three-course prix-fixe dinner will cost $35.

Restaurant Week began in 1992, when lunch was priced at $19.92. Since then, the average meal in New York has increased by $16, while the average price of a Restaurant Week lunch has only gone up $4.15. What a DEAL! NYC & Co., the agency in charge of  Restaurant Week, has already announced that a number of restaurants that were around at RW's inception will again be participating this year. NYC & Co. should be proud to celebrate the 20th anniversary of NYC Restaurant Week. It provides New Yorkers and visitors the opportunity to sample some of the finest restaurants in the world at a fraction of the regular price.
The Mall, Central Park NYC....My favorite spot for romance!

While the full participating list has not been released, NYC&co has verified that Barbetta, Brasserie, Capsouto Freres, Chin Chin, Delmonico’s, Gotham Bar and Grill, Mesa Grill, The Palm, Petrossian, Remi, The Russian Tea Room, Shun Lee Palace, Steak Frites, Tribeca Grill, Victor’s Café and Water’s Edge are among the select few. Check them out on the web and start your short list now.

Restaurant owners have the unique opportunity of reaching a wide audience of people that may not at this time be able to enjoy these exclusive eateries. Serving up their signature dishes gives restaurateurs a chance to create repeat customers. It's a win/win situation for all involved.
If you're curious about what to expect with a Restaurant Week meal, check out this photo gallery of meals from the 2012 Winter Season.

Reservations open July 9, at which time the full list of participating restaurants will be available. Don't worry; the second that the list becomes available, I will be sure to post it in a FLASH!In the hope that food lovers and friends alike can share in these culinary delights......start your engines NOW! Begin your hunt for inexpensive flights and hotels, you'll be glad you did!
Work in a few musicals or a Jazz Club while in NYC, you'll be glad you did!

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