Tuesday, June 19

Tuesday Tranformations

Transforming Thrift Store Finds

Into Up-Cycled Treasures

 Inspired ideas that are sure to delight. Take overlooked items and turn them into beautiful and functional design and decor. It's called 'upscaling' and it's all the rage. What a wonderful way for young college students or married couples to take hand me downs and parlay them into hip new decor for a first home!

Chairs with Flair!

These salvaged chairs have apparently served several faithful years as cat scratching posts.Taking old, drab chairs and covering them in  cheery florals make for tremendously trendy pieces of furniture! I simply adore the outcome of these hand-me-down chairs. Anyone would be proud to place them in their home.
Get inspired and hunt for 'do-able up-dos' at your local Goodwill or any other thrift shop. Pop in at a few garage or estate sales, church bazaars and even in the trash or on the side of the road. Happy Hunting and Good Luck!

Have a wonderful week!

*Thanks goes out to Lindsey from Better After
for her daily inspiration!

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