Tuesday, May 8

Backyard Summer Movies

On long summer days, twilight usually means the outdoor fun is starting to wind down. But at a Summer Movie Party, it signals that the main attraction is about to begin. There’s just something about a classic movie, good friends and a warm, summer evening that go together so well. With summer breezing in, now’s the perfect time to start planning a "movie night" for a few of your friends.

Throwing an outdoor movie party doesn't require fancy equipment or needn't be expensive, but you do need a little advanced planning to make sure everything goes off without a hitch and everyone enjoys themselves.

I have come up with a short list of tips you might want to think about when planning your outdoor movie night:

You don't need a lot of space or special equipment to throw an outdoor movie party. You can put out chairs in the backyard, spread blankets on the grass and throw cushions all around. We have bean bags, bolster pillows and futon cushions stored here at PorterSouth. Make sure you have ample seating that is very comfortable indeed. BEWARE: this is conducive to sleep! YES, I DID!

Keeping things easy is the order for the evening. Simple is the way to go, making things easier for you but also making your guests feel more comfortable. Have a table set up buffet style with large bowls of popcorn, peanuts, a variety of candies, an assortment of homemade goodies and drinks. Provide cups and ice and let your friends do the rest! They can satisfy the munchies when they HIT without missing any of the movie. Have a couple of candles on the snack table to help guests see all of the goodies.
Utilize soft lights like candles and/or Christmas tree lights. Place candles around the yard and on your buffet. String up lights in the trees for that romantic starry sky look! Just remember, you want it dark enough to see and enjoy the movie, but also to give a little light for function and ambiance.

Think about an intermission so your guest can get more snacks, stretch their legs and...well, you know take care of business!
Give your equipment** a quick run-through the night before your movie party. Test the lighting, power, and sound. Take care of any problems ahead of time. Technical delays that prolong the beginning of your movie can sometimes cause kids AND adults alike to get a bit antsy....you don't want that!  When your guests arrive the show should be ready to go with the touch of a button. Problem solving the day before will leave your evening open for good times instead of stress.
You can rent an inflatable screen for very little money. Using a white sheet can be disruptive if the wind picks up. You can also build one for very little money and time, instructions can be found at http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/summer-blockbuster-building-a-150002!

De-bug the area in general. A few days in advance spray your yard and behind the bushes as well. Then spray AGAIN the next day! Don't spray right before your guests arrive...they do not want to smell chemicals.  You might also put out personal bug spray or lotion for guests, if needed. Make sure it is not sticky and strong smelling.

Make sure to secure all extension cords and cover them up. No one wants to trip!

Don’t forget your neighbors! An outdoor movie event could potentially be disturbing to the homes around yours, so let your neighbors know your plans ahead of time.
For the main attraction, visit your local video stores, a lot of interesting material is found under "Other". Check online movie-rental sites, or better yet go to your nearest RedBox! A feature-length film is fine, but shorter selections are ideal especially if you have families with little ones attending.
In Case of Rain always have a back-up plan. If there is unexpected raindrops, unplug your equipment immediately and move indoors....into the house OR garage.

The Main Attraction

(L-R) ME, Elizabeth, Kristin my niece and Steph my sweet sister. Not to mention MeMe's, my mother, feet!


Before the movie begins entertain your guest with cartoons, video games and/or music videos. This will depend on the age of you and your friends. I can always watch Cartoons! Looney Tunes and Tom and Jerry can be rented.                                                                       

Old Television Shows

The nostalgic value alone can be great and it will not take your full attention. You've seen these shows before so you can watch, eat, mingle and take care of kids while having a great time. A few good choices would be:

I Love Lucy
My Favorite Martian
The Munsters
Everybody Loves Raymond

Great Family Flicks

Kids? If there are children attending your movie night be careful what movie you choose. Not only for unacceptable viewing but for the plot line. Nothing heavy that everyone has to pay close attention to, but light and fun. I STILL don't understand "Inception"....no comments please! So when kids are running around and friends are going back for a snack you don't mind that you missed a crucial scene.
"The Black Stallion"
"The Shaggy Dog"
"Raiders of the Lost Ark"
"Finding Nemo"
"Pirates of the Caribbean"
"Swiss Family Robinson"
"Toy Story"
"Star Wars"
"Charlie and the Chocolate Factory"
"National Treasure"

There is something magical about an al fresco movie. Your friends will be entertained for hours and always look back fondly with special memories of this wonderful evening spent with good friends and a movie under the stars!  So enjoy a cool summer evening with an open air cinema in your backyard. You'll be glad you did!

**Movie Party Rentals by FunFlicks®

Your Outdoor Movie Party Includes:

2-Story Outdoor Inflatable Movie Screen
FunFlicks Event Crew provides a complete theater set-up including a movie screen that's sure to impress! It's just like the drive-in, without the cars.
• Incredible Sound SystemOur sound system is truly amazing. Everyone is always more than satisfied by our sound quality. We always mention - invite the neighbors!
• Quality Digital HD ProjectionHD1080 Projector along with VHS/DVD and/or Blu-Ray player, equipment tables & cables. We use quality equipment for both projection and sound that will satisfy every moviegoer and critic!
• A Fun, Friendly Movie Party Event Host
A FunFlicks® Event Host will provide complete delivery, set-up and removal.
You simply provide the movie, standard electric and guests!


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