Sunday, May 13



Gloria Jeanette Hudson Chesser

         Yes that's us. Wiglet and all. Mom made our clothes. She was thrifty.                 
                              Surrounded by family and friends.                                     
She would rather be with Daddy than anyone else on earth!
                                                    Mom with Steph and!
                                            Mom with most of the women in the family.
               Mom trying to see her dominoes. She LOVES playing games with the family.
                                                                      Mom and Dad.
                                        Mom and Daddy with my oldest baby, Jarrell.
                                     Mom and cute. I love these two women!
We spent an entire weekend celebrating mom's 70th birthday! Sitting in between our two honeys!
At the DFW National Cemetery the day Little Gran was buried. It was a good and peaceful day.
                                                     The women again, mom in white.
                           Don't ask, it was steamy and funny. The less you know the better.
                                                Never too classy to have a good time.....
                                ......aren't they sweet?....                                        
       .....or too much of a lady to sit at the bar waiting on our cruise punch. Non-alcoholic of course!
                                                             High Tea with the ladies.
                                                   MeMe IS the keeper of the BEAR.
ONLY a MeMe would do this.
        Some of mom's collectibles. At Christmas this last year it was completely full.
                               This looks a little forced, but we WERE having a great time!
                                                     Playing games with her kids!
     5 generations from Little Gran and Big Gran to baby David.  Mom, Steph and Heather.
 They weren't joined at the hip but you'd think they were. My parents are wonderful friends to others
             and they are loved by many.
   MeMe and great grandson David Suddreth, so sweet!
                                                  The Chessers...the original Fab Four!
                                                Steph,'s sister and mother.
                  Remember the comment about not being too classy to have fun, well here she is
         doing the chicken dance. That was one dirty chicken and she DID NOT want it on
                                                         her head. She is a good sport!
The ever supportive MeMe!
                        Mom and Dad dancing the night away at E's Debutante Cotillion Ball.
                                     Kissing on the dance floor, this warms my heart.

 This may be the first Mother's Day that I will not be with my dear, sweet mother. Not to say that we won't talk on the phone because as hard as it may seem to some of my readers out there....I talk to my mother daily. And it's NOT what you may think, I can hear it running through your heads....'her mother probably calls her daily to keep her finger on the pulse of the family'.....which is far from the truth. The day I said "I do" my mother never instructed me again. Hard to believe, but it happens to be true. Not to say I haven't hounded her for years needing advice on everything from child rearing to cake baking. And when I have asked she has answered. I honestly DO NOT KNOW how the woman does does she keep her opinion to herself? There have been times when she has been sitting in the back of my car between my children and amidst their arguing or bickering my mother stays quiet. As I am about to run off the road I have asked her 'could you PLEASE pinch one of them and make them stop'? It wasn't her place and she never presumed to enforce or give her opinions about life, marriage, children or anything else unless we asked.

So who is this miracle woman?  This caring, giving, nurturing woman who just happens to love us,  warts and ALL. What can I tell you about her........  She is first and foremost a Christian. She is patient, hopeful, daddy would say cuddle-y, we would say a delight. She is surprisingly positive  ....overwhelmingly so...., a gracious host, a kind and thoughtful guest and always thinking of others. She was and is SUPER-MOM. Back in the 70's Mom was a Pastor's wife, mother, Texas A&M student, substitute teacher, homemaker {yes we were the Cleavers, we had breakfast and dinner at the table...DAILY}, a Sunday School teacher and organist - ALL AT THE SAME TIME! Okay...see my mind shuts down after job number 3! I don't know how she did it, but she did and she did it oh so well making it look effortless to the rest of us. I'm sure there were many days when  my mother went into her room closed the door and either cried or just fell on the bed from sheer exhaustion. Most of all......Mom is a respectful daughter, a loving sister, an enthusiastic and true friend to some lucky folks, a supportive wife, an endearing and playful MeMe and an inspiring mother to two undeserving daughters. She has rejoiced with us in our sunshine and when heavy and sudden trials come our way she sticks close and with a loving heart she prays for peace and calm to return to our  lives.

Every word I have written here about my mother is true, she needs no embellishments or false flattery. She is who she is and those of you reading this that know my mother Gloria, know there is much more I could say about this wonderful mother of mine. I read an entire book on mothers today looking for a way to tell my mother how much I, and we all love her and sorry to say it just wasn't there.......except for one line, and this pretty much sums up my mother:

 "Her dignity consists in being unknown to the world; her glory is in the esteem of her husband; her pleasures in the happiness of her family."
- Jean Rousseau

She is known to many as Gloria, by Glo to a special few, as MeMe by a handful, sweetheart by one and mother by two. We love you Mom, I know Steph is busy learning new things so I will include her in my hearty HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY as well! We will be together again soon until then know that
.........I LOVE YOU.
........WE LOVE YOU.

This has received Mr.P's highest approval rating. He loves my mother as much as I do
and for that I love him dearly!


  1. What a wonderful tribute to your mom! I feel as though I know her now. Thank you for sharing and for the reminder of what's important in life.

  2. Thanks Leslie. You and your beautiful writing, losing the urge to enter food contests at the State Fair of Texas, praying for something new to do at this point in my life and friends asking for my recipes....these things have been my catalyst to start a blog. A Lifestyle Blog. I know my grammar and spelling are NOT the best, but I enjoy sharing our lives with people from, as of now, 47 different countries.
    Thanks again,

  3. great post, ronda! she's "glo" to me! for all of my 36 years! she's known me literally as long as my parents have. the chesser's house was the first stop mom and dad made the day they brought me home to college station. when my maternity leave was coming to a close last year, i sent your mom a message to tell her i would give anything to have a "glo" for my baby. what a special family you all are!

  4. Oh sweet Melissa,

    You made me cry. My parents are pretty special. There are some that would say, and have said, our family is 'weird' for seeing each other EVERY TIME mom and dad come to town. This way of thinking completely baffles me. I realize not every family is as close as the Chesser Dynasty, but we honestly wouldn't have it any other way.

    Since I wrote this post about Mom I have wondered how many of my 4,000+ readers think I stetched the truth about Glo. It SO was NOT exaggerated, in fact there is so much more that I could have written.

    I do not remember your parents bringing you by the house after you 'arrived'. I do remember the baby shower we had for you. Melissa, you were so very quiet, no 'gurgling' or general happy baby noises. I know it broke my mother's heart to wonder what you might have experienced in such a short little time. I'm sure this is when she fell in love with you. We all did, even Daddy and he really never wanted children of his own. Come to think of it, you were the first baby I was ever around. I enjoyed coming in after school and playing with you.

    My parents are unique for sure. Stay tuned...Father's Day is coming up and their 50th Wedding Anniversary in June!! 50 YEARS! WOW..what a legacy!

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