Tuesday, May 29

Groundbreaking Kitchens....This Is NOT Your Momma's Kitchen!

Beam ME up Scotty!

kitchen41 Top 7 Groundbreaking Kitchen 2.0 Gadgets and Designs
Is your kitchen starting to look a little dated? The fridge a little tired? Fixtures a bit too Brady Bunch-ish? How about your microwave? Can you hear it 'running' from across the street? Maybe it's time for a major upgrade to the second-most important room in the house. Not to worry, GearCrave's got you covered. Check out a few of the top groundbreaking kitchen gadgets! Get ready to be WOWED!
rotating kitchen1 Top 7 Groundbreaking Kitchen 2.0 Gadgets and Designs
The Revolving Kitchen By Compact Concepts/CleverKitchen.com This ingenious design is, sorry for sounding like a teenager BUT, the BOMB for small condos and apartments. I can see this in a small apartment in Manhattan, it is amazing and mind boggling. It’s a way for you to expand your entertaining space in a small-sized kitchen. Want to put a King Arthur-worthy table into your kitchen space but you just don't have the room? Want to indulge your desire to cook and entertain in the same spot? This is a fully-functional kitchen that rotates 180 degrees, offering a ton of hidden storage space, a dishwasher, sink, stove, an oven and is basically facinating to look at. Moving? Pull it out and take this sweet kitchen-ette with you! Price? Gotta contact the company for a price quote based on your choice of a wide range of options and sizes.
convection oven Top 7 Groundbreaking Kitchen 2.0 Gadgets and Designs
The TurboChef Double Oven is an ordinary convection oven on the bottom, and a blazing fast super-oven on top. The top compartment cooks food 15 times faster than the bottom compartment thanks to built-in Airspeed Technology. The hype for this claims you can get fresh asparagus in 45 seconds, a frozen pizza in 90 seconds, and a whole a rack of lamb in 4 minutes. What about a Thanksgiving turkey? An amazing 42 minutes, really? WOW!  Sign me up! The TurboChef site claims “five-star quality results.” Food cooks as it would in an ordinary oven only with Sci-Fi fast results. TRULY AMAZING!
remote thermo Top 7 Groundbreaking Kitchen 2.0 Gadgets and Designs
The Grill-Right Talking Thermometer will tell you when your meat is at the right temperature. The Remote Thermometer really is an asset to any high tech kitchen with its LCD screen, remote wireless probe, and five languages to let you know when your meat is ready for the next step in the cooking process. The sensor’s temperature range goes from 32°F to 572°F, and it’s programmable for many different entrees; beef, lamb, veal, hamburger, pork, turkey, chicken, and fish. You can pop it in your meat on your outdoor grill and walk away. It has a transmission range up to 430 feet away. With this gadget, you never have to worry again about overcooked meat. 
samsung fridge Top 7 Groundbreaking Kitchen 2.0 Gadgets and Designs
Samsung RH269LB Fridge Features Wireless ICE Pad is THE top of the line design where state of the art cooling technology meets wireless entertainment. Refrigerators no longer just do the cooling but serve as entertainment centers for your home as well. Almost every major brand has jumped on the bandwagon with their refrigerator models that feature integrated TV/cable and an Internet connection to keep you connected while you are working in your kitchen. But, Samsung stands-out with their new Samsung RH269LB Fridge that features a wireless ICE Pad that not just entertains you in home but you can also take the screen with you when going out! Besides watching TV, the 10.4 inch TFT touch panel also includes a calendar, scheduler and message board to enable you to organize your kitchen and your life with great ease! Download your favorite recipes and pull them when you are cooking. What a way to make a grocery list; pop it out and you're on your way! This is definitely NOT your mother's 'ice box'!
smart home kitchen Top 7 Groundbreaking Kitchen 2.0 Gadgets and Designs
 Crestron Control Surfaces are not just limited to controlling kitchen lighting, climate, and exterior lights anymore. You can use this handy controller to play music, run a home theatre, close the shutters, turn on the oven and coffee pot, attain access to the Internet and even open the swimming pool. Any electronic in your home can be controlled from the 'Creston Control' surface. You can have  total control of your entire home. This is the automated home our grandparents fantasized about in the 50's.

Kitchen design is definitely light years away from where it used to be, thanks to innovations in style and substance like these. If the trends keep moving in the right directions, it’s only a matter of time until all of this is supplemented by a robotic maid and an android dog. Here’s to the future! Move over George Jetson!


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