Thursday, May 15


The shift of seasons usually brings changes to the weather and your wardrobe. Changing your home’s décor is not a priority on most peoples list. This month, because summer is soon approaching, I thought it would be the perfect time to discuss ways to summer-fy your home. So as your bathing suits and sunhats are coming out of hiding, introduce an organic palette mixed in with cooler tones, textural elements, as well as bringing the outdoors inside your home. It doesn’t have to be hard or cost a lot to change up your décor for the summer. Here are just a few ways to lighten and brighten your home!

It’s Only Natural 

With the onset of warmer weather and longer days, more focus is put on outdoor living. Creating an indoor space outdoors, with living rooms and dining rooms being taken outside, enjoying the warmer weather while we can. Creating outdoor rooms can be easy with the availability of fabulous looking all-weather furniture and fabrics. The plastic chairs and tables NEED to be eliminated from outdoor décor. Instead, think of using weather ready materials such as teak, rattan, or woven plastic furniture. Outdoor fabrics are also coming out with an array of patterns and colors that will add to your outdoor spaces.  Not only will focusing on outdoor living areas allow you to take advantage of the summer months but it will also increase the value of your home. Your outdoor space should be an extension of the inside of your home.

Life’s A Beach 
When thinking about summer, what comes to mind? Clear blue water, sand, seashells and a warm breeze. Take these elements into consideration when thinking about your interiors for the summer! Remember to keep the look casual, comfortable, and light. The color palette should consist of cool blues and greens, a perfect touch for this summer’s look. Most people won’t opt to paint their whole house—but an accent wall is perfect to introduce some summer hues into your home. If painting is not your thing, then introduce these shades in the way of accessories: vases, pots, artwork, slipcovers and accent pillows for a change which is easy on the wallet and one that will make your home feel fresh and new for the summer months. Touches such as stainless and glass lanterns, seashells, and other beachy-themed décor items are also a great addition. 

Turn Over A New Leaf 
Bringing the outdoors in is a great way of inviting the summer feel into your home. This does not mean you need to turn your home into a rainforest. Keep it simple and add plants such tropical palms true to the theme. It can be as simple as having fresh flower arrangements—it doesn’t take much. If you do have a green thumb and like to have a lot of plants in the home, think about having them in the same colored pots. This will create some sort of continuity. Freshening up your décor for summer need not be hard on the pocketbook. Simple and easy ways such as changing up accessories and bringing the outdoors in will get your home ready for the warm summer days. 

Compound Organics 
When it comes to the interior of your home, the trend is to go with all things organic. Introduce woven/tactile fabrics such as linens. These have an airy quality to them perfect for the summer, and give you more of a casual look. You can incorporate linen through curtain panels or accent pillows in earthy tones. One way to introduce textures (such as sisal or jute) is in area rugs, adding another casual element that is perfect for the summer. These will also allow you to wear your shoes inside and not have to worry about ruining your area carpets, as they are all natural. So stow away the heavy knit throws and blankets you had to keep you warm in winter months, and introduce more organic elements for that earthy, laid back look of summer.
    Happy Summer Decorating!

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    1. Oh how I would love this outside decor.. So beautiful and calming

      1. Me too Aimee! We have some but not this elaborate!

    2. I always change out decor seasonally! It does make a huge difference. Thanks for such an informative post!

    3. Summer is by far my favorite time of the year!

    4. I've always liked the idea of decorating seasonally, but I never seem to get around to it. Maybe this will actually inspire me to do something for summer.

    5. I have always changed out our home's decor as the seasons change. My kids loved it! Now that they are grown and gone from home, I still change decor but not to the same extent. Mr.P and I are having too much fun!

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