Sunday, May 4

Fun Fridays: Dallas' Lemmon Ave and West Mockingbird Lane Neighborhood

This past Friday I called a good friend of mine to thank her for pointing me in the direction of a particularly good bakery. I was in need of a wedding cake. As we talked, she began to tell me what the day before her held. It sounded fun, and Friday WAS a beautiful day here in Dallas, so I decided to tag along. 

Our day started at the Norwood Flynn Gallery. 

It's an awesome little Gallery close to Love Field Airport. Housed in a 1940's cottage on the south shore of Bachman Lake, Norwood Flynn Gallery exhibits and sells fine art, including paintings, sculpture, drawings and new media with an emphasis on unique contemporary Texas artists.

At the moment they are featuring the artwork by the Senior Visual Artists from Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts and the artwork from the finalists and winners of the Edith Baker Artist Scholarship. My friend Judy's son is an artist that attended BTW a couple of years ago. He now lives and studies art in Kansas. Judy enjoys keeping up with the fine artist that attend Booker T. Washington. Norwood Flynn Gallery is located at 3318 Shorecrest Drive, Dallas, TX 75235.

If you have a chance to stop by the Norwood Flynn Gallery, and after you've taken a peek at some art, stroll around the lake and watch a few airplanes take-off and land. It's a creative, clever and fun way to spend a sunny morning in Dallas.

After we finished up at the gallery, we decided to stop for a quick bite at the Potbelly Sandwich Shop. It's a great sandwich spot. Very friendly service and I'll take this any day over other, similar, sandwich places. 

I love the fact that they have so many options. Skinny sandwiches for those who prefer less bread and meat; regular sandwiches for those who like just enough but not too much; large sandwiches for those who have a larger appetite. 

Overall, the friendly service, low-cal menu, fresh salads, good sandwiches built the way you like, make this an excellent choice for a quick bite if you are in the Love Field area of Dallas. The Potbelly Sandwich Shop is located at 5715 Lemmon Ave., Dallas, TX 75235.

Having satisfied our hunger, we headed on to our next stop, Jacksons Home and Garden. This place is massive!! 

From birdbaths to fireplaces, there's so much to see at this home and garden center. 

The great selection of specialty and decorator items includes pottery, flowers, unusual plants, patio furniture, fountains, grills, statuary and more stuff other shops just don't have -  I even saw playground equipment. 

If you're looking for higher-end outdoor items than what the cookie cutter big box stores offer, this would be the place for you. How can you NOT love all of this Italian pottery?? 

In terms of price, some items are better than others. Some were more expensive than they should have been and some were good deals - but that's true of most any place you shop.

With awesome variety and quality, but most importantly, really unique pieces, I feel like I can come here and always find something that becomes one of my new favorite things! The staff is well informed, friendly and helpful as well. Jacksons Home and Garden is located at 6950 Lemon Ave., Dallas, TX 75235.

Our day spent together was great. Friends, sunshine, laughter and a bit of shopping always makes for good times and memories. You may live in a smaller community than Dallas, Texas, but take the opportunity to get out with friends and cherish the special moments of life!

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  1. Oh my goodness, Jackson's Home and Garden - I want to go there!!! A little slice of heaven! Next time I am in Dallas I am going to find it!

  2. It is a little bit of heaven. I especially love the Italian fountains. They are really beautiful!