Friday, May 23

Tex-Mex Tilapia Ceviche

Mr.P and I fell in love with ceviche while vacationing in Cozumel. Simply defined, ceviche is a dish of raw fish or cooked shellfish, marinated in citrus juices and often mixed with all manner of fresh herbs and vegetables. It’s very popular along the Central and South American coasts, where fresh fish is easy to come by. 

I like ceviche as a summer dish because the flavors are exciting, it's cool and refreshing, and there’s no cooking involved. Perfect for our HOT Texas summers! It's also a great compromise for Mr.P and me. He likes sushi - I do NOT! I know technically ceviche is labeled 'raw', but when the tilapia goes from pink to white it tricks my brain into thinking it's cooked. And it doesn't hurt that it feeds my citrus addiction as well! I like to think of ceviche as a better form of sushi. Ssshh, don't tell Mr.P. 

If you'd like to read more, and to find this recipe, meet me over at Texas Women Bloggers, where I am writing today. See ya there!

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