Thursday, May 22

Island Hopping and The Bag That'll Get Me There

I just came in from running errands and I picked up a new round of reliable travel books. Mr.P and I are contemplated taking a trip this fall after E is back at university. Just the two of us. Blessedly ALONE! 

We've thrown around a few ideas. Athens and Istanbul, maybe Cappadocia as well. Or a little Greek island hopping could be nice. We can always discover a colorful little village in Italy to fall in love with. Or it might be best if we stay in the states. In which case, we could head to the North East for a little leaf peeping and NYC excitement. 

So now I find myself sitting in the middle of our bed surrounded by all of these wonderful new travel books. Beautiful pictures, great advice - where to begin? I know one thing for sure, where ever we end up, I will be pulling a fantastic new carry-on bag. One of my sweet friends, Toya, purchased this unique carry-on through Luggage Pros.

Toya is my shopping guru! She takes trips to NYC just to shop. She has crawled in and out of the back of vans, sought out seedy looking stores in dark alleyways and found unknown rooms in some of the small shops in Chinatown. Toya is always looking for great bargains on excellent merchandise, and she's successful at finding those deals. She has impeccable taste and I trust her judgement completely. 

This 'MyFly Personalized Travel Carry-On' is just one example of finding an item that everyone wants but few own. It's more than just a simple carry-on. With your own personal high quality photos you can create a customized product that will tell your travel story. What a fantastic idea and best of all you won't have trouble keeping up with your bag! No one will mistake your bag for theirs ever again. You can make your own carry-on by following this link ENJOY!

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  1. Oh that's darling! Just think of all the people I could bore on airplanes, talking about all the photos on my bag! I love it!

  2. This is really cool! I just ordered luggage the other day!

  3. This would make a great gift for a friend that's crazy about travel!