Wednesday, May 14


When our family was younger, one of our favorite things to do on Saturdays in the Summertime was to go on picnics! I loved spending the afternoon with yummy snacks, a good book, and a bottle of lemonade - relaxing while the kids played and Mr.P snoozed. We still do quite a bit of picnicking when we travel. Not only is it economical but enjoyable to sit back, rest and people watch. Now that the days are warmer, maybe Mr.P and I will pack up some food, and enjoy the beautiful outdoors with a picnic.  When it comes to picnics, most of us like to create a unique yet effortless experience. Here are a few ideas that have been inspiring me for the future.  

How dreamy is this? 

The food at this picnic looks ah-mazing.

I always love movie nights.

Can we talk about this table?

The perfect rooftop evening in the city.

This picnic basket would be perfect for a surprise date!

Oh, Paris. I love you best of all.

On the beach with the girls.

Out on the dock.

Here are some easy picnic tips to keep in mind:
1. The picnic basket is obviously an essential item. Feel free to get creative and use different kinds of containers. I prefer baskets with open tops and large handles that can be piled with lots of goodies and easy to carry; making a lovely showpiece.
2. Keep it easy by picking a theme. Choose simple things like fruit, cheese, wine, sandwiches. It’s nice to have bread, sparkling water, and finger foods - like berries, grapes, and nuts for snacking. If you have more time, get a bit more creative. Store a variety of olives in vintage Ball jars, make a fun dessert in a jar, and mix some lemonade.
3. Add flowers for a nice and unexpected touch. A splash of color to your basket arrangement will make your picnic extra special. Decorate the flowers in a Ball jar. If you can’t bring glass there are some cute plastic options out there too.
4. Pack a fun blanket! Whether you go for a classic Pendleton or an old quilt, it really adds to the outdoorsy ambiance.
5. Bring a game. Savor the time outdoors, whether your are spending alone time with your sweetheart or a group of friends, pack a deck of cards or other favorite game. 
6. Take along a camera or a Polaroid to capture the special moments!
7. Sit back, relax and ENJOY!

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  1. Awesome ideas! I love picnics its just dragging everything back part that gets me!

  2. Great post! I loved each of these picnic ideas. I see picnic-ing in my immediate future.

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