Sunday, February 2

The Love Language Of Flowers

If I'm not anything, I'm at least practical! I love receiving roses any time of the year — except on Valentine's Day. In my younger day's I worked in a florist and I know how the price of roses skyrockets during the month of February. Mr.P knows NOT to buy me cut flowers on this very special day of love. Now a potted plant or flowering dish garden, I LOVE. Not only are they beautifully sentimental  — they will last longer than a few weeks, giving you enjoyment for months or even years to come. Therefore I say go beyond roses this year for Valentine's Day, and give a plant that will last, send a message, and are as unique and special as the recipient. The following are just a few examples of living bouquets that will express your love and true feelings — these can be ordered through FTD. Keep reading for the true meaning of flowers..........



Valentine’s Day was celebrated just as much — if not more — during the Victorian era when feelings were conveyed through the meanings and messages of flowers and plants. Today these meanings have been largely forgotten. What better time to reintroduce a bit of this romantic tradition to the one you love than on Valentine's Day? A live plant or miniature garden is a personalized gift that’s laced with meaning. Be sure to include a note card explaining what the plants and flowers represent along with your sentiment of love. 
Alyssum, sweetWorth beyond beauty
AmaryllisPride, timidity, splendid beauty
Basil, sweetGood wishes
CarnationWoman’s love
ChamomileEnergy in adversity
Chrysanthemum (white)Truth
Columbine (red)Anxious and trembling
CoreopsisAlways cheerful
HibiscusDelicate beauty
HollyhockAmbition, fecundity
HoneysuckleGenerous and devoted affection
HyacinthSport, game, play
IvyFidelity, marriage
Lilac (purple)First emotions of love
Lily of the valleyReturn of happiness
MossMaternal love
Periwinkle (blue)Early friendship
PrimroseEarly youth
Sage, gardenEsteem
Sweet peaDeparture
Tulip (red)Declaration of love
Tulip (variegated)Beautiful eyes
Tulip (yellow)Hopeless love
Violet (blue)Faithfulness
ZinniaThoughts of absent friends
Once you have decided upon the Valentine’s Day plants or flowers you want to give, choose colors that properly convey the message you want to send.
  • Red: Love
  • Pink: Sweetness
  • Yellow: Friendship
  • Crimson: Respect
  • White: Purity
  • Orange: Eternal Life
  • Purple: Modesty

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  1. Thanks so much for the list of flower meanings. Pinning now. :) My husband doesn't give me cut flowers either for V-Day, instead we often get another fruit tree for the yard and at Mother's Day, often another rose bush for the garden. :)

  2. It's ridiculous how expensive flowers get over Valentine's day! I have to say though, I love having a vase of flowers on my bedside table to look at every morning:)

  3. So cool! I love this list and their meanings :)


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