Friday, February 28

Mom's Texas Pecan Poppycock

Growing up, my Grandmother, Little Gran, was the Queen of Popcorn Balls, making them for special occasions and holidays. As a child, it mystified me how she could stick her unprotected, buttered hands into a bowl of popcorn that was covered with an extremely hot sugared glaze. To my amazement it didn’t even seem to phase her — she didn’t ‘oohhh’ and ‘ouch’ as she formed those spherical delights. We loved ‘em and couldn’t wait until she sat them aside to cool, of course, we never waited that long. My sister and I would slip our hands around her waist and grab warm and sticky popcorn balls, thinking we had fooled her, but as you might imagine, she knew what we were up too! As we ate them, the candy would stick to our teeth with amusement. Memories. They play a huge role in our food experiences and as I write this I miss Little Gran.

The once dear Popcorn Balls of our childhood were slowly replaced with our Mother's Poppycock. Oh my, that divine concoction!  —  If you'd like to read more, and to find my Mother's recipe for Texas Pecan Poppycock, meet me over at Texas Women Bloggers, where I am writing today. See ya there!

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  1. Poppycock (Crunch n' Munch) is one of my guiltiest of pleasures. I can demolish an entire box in no time flat...which is why I cannot keep it in the house. ;) Headed to check out your recipe right now.