Tuesday, February 11

MY PASSION: Reading Nooks For Cuddling Up With A Good Book

I was very fortunate to have have grown up in a home where a high priority was placed on books and reading. I fell in love with reading at an early age - I won a creative poster contest at my elementary school and received my choice of 5 free books, and with that I was hooked! Twenty years later I married a man with the same passion, in turn our two wonderful children value reading as well. We are truly blessed and in my opinion, every home should be enriched by a bookcase (or two), no matter how minimalist its design may be. Most people prefer reading in bed before sleep or taking a good book outside to find a sunny park bench. But what if you had the perfect place to read and learn conveniently integrated in your own home? In this post, I decided to showcase some of the most beautiful reading corners I have encountered while researching ideas for our home - we are empty-nesters with a few rooms to spare! Narrowing it down was extremely tough, there are so many amazing photos of reading corners that I adore. Some of them feature stylish armchairs, interesting floor arrangements, improvised windowsills or simple corners with lots and lots of pillows. Creating the perfect reading space doesn’t require building a window-seat or converting a closet. A reading nook can be the perfect way to transform an awkward corner, windowsill or loft space into a warm, comfortable area for a little reading and relaxation. Whether it's for kids or grown-ups, these cozy, well-lit reading spots will set a peaceful tone in any home, and they're surprisingly easy to set up. If you're thinking about adding one to your home, look through the pictures below for a few tranquil and restful design ideas. Enjoy the photos!

There are few things more relaxing than spending a Sunday afternoon at home, curled up with a good book -- so why not create a cozy area just for this purpose for your family to enjoy? Every home should have a spot reserved for reading. Call it what you want–a Book Nook, Reading Corner, Big Book Chair, whatever–but with a few key pieces, your home can have a cozy reading corner. Making it easy to enjoy every book to it's fullest -- you'll be glad ya did!


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  1. Wow you've really done some research on finding photos of these amazing reading nooks!! I'm working on my own right now - a special library area just for me :)

  2. Do you have sources or links for any of these? It's a little worrisome in current internet practice to post photos with no credits, in case you put yourself at risk with copyright issues.

  3. Skye,
    There's a link at the bottom of the post. I gathered them from Pinterest, if you follow that link you can make it back to all of the original websites.
    Thanks for the heads-up though.

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