Wednesday, September 25


75 things about me:

  1. I am absolutely obsessed with cheese.
  2. I am a descendant of Native Americans and Henry Hudson.
  3. My closet is color coordinated and organized by season. Well, yesterday it wasn't.
  4. I live by the lists I make.
  5. I am obsessed with crossing things off of my list.
  6. I wear flip-flops and shorts when I'm out most days, but it's jammies and bare feet at home. 
  7. My house is always organized and clean, but don't open a drawer.
  8. I am a sucker for romantic movies. If it's a true story it's even better.
  9. I have NEVER had a massage.
  10. Got married in 1987 to my college sweetheart, Greg. He's my in-house taste tester, website developer and travel partner.
  11. I will read or watch anything having to do with WWII.
  12. Followed the 'hanging chads' closely in 2008.
  13. I can’t go anywhere without Kleenex, lip balm and disinfectant wipes. 
  14. I live in Mesquite, a suburb of Dallas. 
  15. I drink iced tea daily, and lots of it.
  16. I have a cat named Ms.B, who to the surprise of my friends and family is allowed to take sanctuary in the house. SOME of the time - let's not get too crazy.
  17. I adore sauces of any kind.
  18. When writing, I use entirely too many commas, exclamation points and end sentences with personal pronouns, prepositions and linking verbs that have no links! That's normal isn't it?
  19. If I'm ever MIA… chances are I'm at a Half Price Books.
  20. I broke my tail bone when I was a kid and it hasn't been the same since.
  21. Pink Peonies are my all time favorite flowers.
  22. I was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
  23. I could eat Mexican food 7 days a week and never get sick of it.
  25. Lemons are a close second. And when the two get together I'm a happy woman.
  26. I absolutely HAVE to visit Machu Picchu before I get too old to hike it. It's a must.
  27. I collect Christmas ornaments and artwork when we travel.
  28. I get choked when drinking water. Often.
  29. I skipped many classes in college. I would have a fit if my children did the same!
  30. I'm a die hard traveler and always ready to hit the road again as soon as we return home! Or at the very least start planning the next trip.
  31. No one knows running a marathon is on my bucket list - this would surprise many.
  32. I get wigged out over dirty hotel rooms. 
  33. Hypocrisy is a pet peeve of mine.
  34. Vermont Extra-Sharp Cheddar cheese, in my opinion, is the best cheddar on earth.
  35. I have lots and lots of freckles and spots that I despise.
  36. Chocolate Chip Cookie dough can always be found in my freezer.
  37. I actually love my Daddy, Mother and whole family, enjoying their company very much.
  38. I have a pact with my girlfriend Wendy, of 40 years. She is to pluck the crazy hair out of my mole before the viewing.
  39. I have uncontrollable fits of laughter all by myself and at the most inopportune times.
  40. I love meeting new people, especially at the grocery store.
  41. I'd do just about anything for my friends. Except jump off a bridge.
  42. If I had a dead horse, I would definitely be beating it. Sad but true.
  43. I was and still am a Bugs Bunny kind of girl.
  44. I believe in eating what you what, when you want it. 
  45. I entered food competitions from 1990 until 2011, when I started this blog.
  46. When I was growing up I wanted to move to Northern California and marry a Forest Ranger.
  47. I married a CPA.
  48. I believe in daily cat naps. You probably knew that.
  49. I can eat an entire bowl of Banana Pudding in one sitting, no questions asked. 
  50. I HATE shopping.
  51. On occasion I have been known to wear false eyelashes.
  52. I'm not your typical Baptist preacher's daughter.
  53. Roaches freak me out!
  54. I am fiercely loyal.
  55. Would enjoy living 2 months in Paris and 2 months in NYC out of every year. Fingers crossed.
  56. Would never eat sushi or sashimi. 
  57. I'm uncoordinated, I injure myself at every turn and break things all of the time!
  58. I am infatuated with descriptive words.
  59. Flunked the first test I ever took in college, and my girlfriend and I studied hard. Really we did. 
  60. I use to have a reoccurring dream about gorillas flying helicopters.
  61. Lesson to the young: I have never been a part of the in-crowd and have always been extremely happy and content with my life and who I am.
  62. The Cotswolds of England is my favorite place in the world.
  63. I don't do scary movies or roller coasters.
  64. Even though I'm hugely addicted to my laptop, I am in fact a techno-phobe.
  65. I could eat my weight in salad, so why am I not thin?
  66. The only good smelling stuff I wear is Juniper Breeze from Bath & Body Works, everything else gives me a headache.
  67. I am oddly inquisitive. 'Why is the third hand on a watch called a second hand?' It's just going to drive you nuts isn't it?
  68. I've been traumatized twice by the death of chickens. Once when our 10th grade home-ec teacher, Mrs. Rodgers, took us to the chicken factory to see how they were 'processed'. And the other close encounter came when our grandfather made my sister and I ride home from the farm with a caged chicken in the backseat of his car. Back in the city he wrung it's neck. I'm not real clear on what happened next but I think screaming and crying were involved as the chicken ran around the yard with no head, and that's probably the first time I ever refused a meal.
  69. I have a horrible memory. Refer back to #59. Except in incidents of trauma. #68.
  70. Pie crust was the first thing I learned to make.
  71. I am an avid reader and enjoy research.
  72. Lotus Pods scare me. Seriously, have you seen them?
  73. I flip through magazines from the back to the front. Everyone does that, right?
  74. There are movies I could watch over and over again, like The Sound of Music.
  75. I try and self-diagnose myself on Google several times a month. Nothing is ever wrong with me!
  76. It drives me insane when I do not understand a certain concept and it takes me days of pounding it out to finally get it!
  77. I have an unusually high pain tolerance. I do not realize that I have injured myself until I look down and find a trail of blood. 
  78. I am a Christian, wife, mother of two, a mother-in-law, daughter, sister, aunt, niece, granddaughter, best friend and blogger. I am peacefully content. 
Mr.P asked, "Why 78"? I told him, "50 didn't cover it and 100 was too many". I made this list to place in my 'ABOUT' box, so I thought I would share. Have a wonderful week  and thanks for reading!



  1. Shaking my head at know who comment on this :)

  2. #76 You can march and play clarinet at the same time...sometimes... ;-)

  3. Sometimes is a really kind way to describe what I did in band Alan!

  4. forgot one-you are obsessed with looking up symptoms on the computer and diagnosis yourself with all kinds of things!!! I still love you though.

    1. W~
      Okay, I admit....that's HUGE! In fact I've done that today! You know me SO well it's scary.

  5. Nice list! I'm a huge fan of Vermont cheddar too :)

    Stopping by from the Blirthday Bash and A Nation of Moms :)

    1. I had Vermont cheddar with dinner tonight! It's the best in tomato soup.

  6. Haha this was funny! Coming from The Deliberate Mom's Blirthday Bash! Nice to meet you and I look forward to seeing more of this wit! ;-)

    1. Nice to meet you, through the web! Glad to find a new place to 'hop'.

  7. Whoa! You really know yourself! Now I want to make my own list to see if I could come up with 78 things about me... And #67, yup, that will now drive me nuts forever! :-) #blirthdaybash

  8. I love your list! I LOVE cheese which is terrible because my daughter is anaphylactic to dairy. So needless to say, when the kids are in bed, my husband and I crack out the cheese platter.

    I also live by my lists and I "diagnose" everything with the assistance of Goggle.

    Thanks for sharing (and for joining my #Blirthdaybash).

    Wishing you a lovely day.

    1. Jennifer, you really made me laugh with your comment on eating cheese after the kids are in bed. That is so my husband and me! And the self diagnosis drives my RN friends NUTS! Thanks for the invite. It was nice getting acquainted with a few of the ladies!