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Ah, Homecoming, it's that special time of year again! The thought of it brings excitement to high school students across the country. Building up to the big game, when the school's football team is pitted against their chief rivals, students have a chance to show their school spirit. Looking forward to the activities planned for Spirit Week, students get involved in everything from pajama day, school colors, pep rallies, decorating their cars and most importantly wearing Homecoming Mums. This flurry of energy is a sure bet to get the athletes, band and the entire student body pumped up for the big game.

Homecoming is one of the most important social events in any American high school, but only in the South does the occasion call for all the bells and whistles… literally. On Homecoming day, students, particularly in Texas, take immense pride in sporting fake chrysanthemums pinned to their lapels complete with ribbons, ornaments, stickers, and much more. Creating homecoming mums for school spirit is a long running tradition in the American South. Mums started out as a simple corsage that college students gave their dates for the homecoming game. Today, silk flowers have replaced the chrysanthemum as the centerpiece for homecoming mums, and now you can find them decorated with dozens of charms, ribbons, bells, braided chains and even the occasional high school mascot. Girls usually pin HM's at the top of their chests or hung around their necks with ribbons and ornaments flowing down to their feet. A mini-version of this is worn by many boys as a sleeve garter, flowing down the length of the arm. Though traditions vary between cities, school districts, and individual schools, boys usually only wear a garter if a special girl has made one for him.

You can buy Homecoming Mums at most florist, but now-a-days many teenage girls and mother's like to design and make their own. For some this can be the highlight of their high school years. If you are creative, assembling a HM can be a relatively easy project. If not, and you need help with a vision, enjoy the Homecoming Mums below.

If you need further assistance contact Melissa over at Melz Mumz. She is an extremely talented designer who has some really innovative ideas. Sharing with you a very in depth tutorial on how to assemble homecoming mums, she also sells kits as well. They contain everything you need to create your own HM. If you live in an area of the country where mums are not the 'style', take a look, gather ideas, buy a kit if needed, create your own and start a MADFAD at your high school! Constructing your own mum will not only save you a ton of money, but build memories that you will enjoy for the rest of your life.


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