Wednesday, September 18

Fall Pumpkin Floral Arrangement

This coming Sunday is the first day of Fall, but here in Texas the long, scorching Summer lingers on.  My niece, Heather - who lives in Maine with her sweet family, keeps sending us mouth-watering reports of  how wonderfully cool it is in her part of the country.  Not so here, and more often than not, Fall comes to Texas hot and sticky rather than crisp and refreshing. In spite of our balmy weather, we Texans persevere and bring Fall into our homes as best we can - and then get down on our knees and pray for a rainy cold day. Using a pumpkin as it's base, this sweet arrangement is a simple, yet effective way to achieve this and at the same time bring a festive look to your table. Decked out in the colors of the season, it is perfect for Fall gatherings -- large or small. These easy to follow tips for creating this centerpiece will help you incorporate natural and or faux elements into your decor for a festive and bright Autuminal table.

Gather Materials

Select seasonal flowers in an Autuminal color palette. Add natural elements from your yard, such as leaves, twigs, and berries, for an organic feel. A variety of shapes, colors, and textures will keep your arrangement interesting.

Prep Your Pumpkin

Cut the top and hollow out the pumpkin. You can use orange pumpkins or choose a more fairytale-type pumpkin in a softer color for an elegant look. Soak oasis (florist foam) in water and cut to fit the hollow space. Keep oasis well watered. Once carved, pumpkins will last a week.

Arrange Flowers

Divide your flowers by color. Group like flowers and colors together for greater impact. Soften the look by placing leaves and amaranth over the lip of the pumpkin. Keep flowers short enough for guests to see over when seated at the table.


Variations To Get You Started:

A beautiful centerpiece is a feast for the eyes.
It will warm up your home and your heart. Make one soon,
you'll be glad ya did!


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  1. all these arrangements are very beautiful...thanks for the tips too

    1. Thanks Amila. I'm ready to make a few for Thanksgiving!

  2. I am so happy that I have found your blogs on realistic fake flowers
    . I regularly read your blogs and find them really good. Keep sharing!

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