Monday, September 30

Kitchen Gadgets for You or Your Chef

I am a frugal individual and try not to spend money unnecessarily, if I can. BUT on occasion it can be hard to pass up a good kitchen gadget. I love them and if it makes my life in the kitchen easier, it's difficult for me to resists. The following are a few of my favorites and they would make a wonderful quick Christmas gift for the cook in your life! 

This Strawberry Slicer from Harriet Carter makes quick work of your strawberry slices. Effortlessly they come out perfectly uniform in thickness every time. This slicer, although designed for strawberries, will work on any fruit that will fit in this tool. Imagine a beautiful fruit salad with perfect fruit slices providing a colorful topping for your guests.

Living close to a farmer's market we have an endless supply of fresh garlic to flavor the many different dishes we make. I also have fingers that are easily infused with the smell of this great seasoning. It seems like I can wash my hands for days and days and I still seem to have that 'once' wonderful aroma on my hands. There's no way to avoid it except for the use of a good gadget. The Chef’n Garlic Zoom XL Rolling Garlic Chopper helps prepare an endless chopped supply. Just put your whole cloves into the chopper and roll it along. This is a great time saver as you can process a lot more garlic with this gadget than you can by hand. You can purchase this on Amazon.

The Avocado Cuber from Williams-Sonoma is a gem.With one quick movement you can easily cube and remove the avocado flesh from it's skin. The first time I used it, I was pleased. If you make lots of guacamole or avocado salad this smart tool can save you a wealth of time.
Now I know to some this may seem to be taking the love of kitchen gadgets a bit far but I guarantee you that if you cook with onions daily this is a MUST HAVE tool. Strong onions seems to make the most stern individual cry. You can try and cut them under water, look away - how you do this using a knife is beyond me - or light a match, but nothing is going to work as well as getting rid of the aromatic vapors all together. In comes the Onion Goggles to save the day....and your eyes. You can find them on Amazon.

I adore these sweet little Owl Nesting Measuring Cups from West Elm. Not only do I no longer have to dig around the 'gadget' drawer for a measuring cup but these adorable little works of art can sit on my kitchen counter. They come in a wide range of colors to match any style or color scheme.

A squirt of lemon juice on your fish? The Quirky Stem Hand Juicer from Holy Cool prevents waste and keeps your hands free from juice. Just push this unique gadget into your favorite citrus fruit and spray or spritz the juice directly from nature’s own bottle! Check them out, this site has some really great kitchen tools.

I hope you found something here you can use or give to your aspiring chef. 
What are some of your favorite go-to kitchen gadgets?



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