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The lazy, hazy days of summer are wonderfully slow, but if you have a student heading to college in the fall, the time to move-in to campus housing will be here before you know it. If you thought the blood, sweat and tears that were expended preparing the application last fall was the hard part -- think again! Making the physical move to college can be just as stressful. Do not get yourself in a discombobulated state, or have that last day at home be one spent furiously stressed out! 

Moms, Dads and college prepared! There are 'tools' everywhere, make sure to utilize them all. To help you get through it without too much fuss Bed, Bath & Beyond has come to the rescue. Have you seen the latest they have to offer? Upfront let me just apologize if this is old news, but as usual I am late to the party. Now, with that being said, let me share MY delightful discovery with you. Yesterday as I was cruising the Sunday paper, I came across the latest BB&B ad. I found a few good deals and went in search for their webstore. While cruising their site, I stumbled across the link 'Find Your College'. This link will take you to ANY college's Do's and Don'ts list. No guessing or wondering if my daughter can take her favorite Halogen lamp, it's on the list - they're not allowed at TWU. What size sheets will your Freshman need? It's on the list. I tell you this is genius! Taking ALL the guesswork out of your shopping will help eliminate any undue stress on move-in day. I don't want to buy something fantastic for my daughter's dorm room - that she falls in love with - that she can't keep. Again, in case you missed it - like me - here's the link: BB&B.

This is what my Mother's heart wants to see on move-in day. Happy, healthy girls prepared for all college has to offer. Looking forward to a good education, good friends and good times! Plan ahead - know before you go - and your daughter or son will truly be grateful for their stress-free move into the next chapter of their lives........ IN STYLE!! 

College Drive

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