Wednesday, July 10

REINVENT, REPURPOSE & RECYCLE: Entertainment Centers

Do you have something that looks a 
little like this cluttering up your garage?

Don't despair, look at what you can MAKE!!
It could be a child's dress-up station in disguise... well as...

maybe a child's dream kitchen!

...and check out this corner kitchen, 
it looks almost real doesn't it? Where's mine?? I want to play!

Not for you? How about a Puppet Playhouse Theater?

...or this DIVINE Parisian Puppet Theater! 
Holy CATS! Someone is talented!

And what child wouldn't love this
International Space Station Playset?

No kids you say? Well perhaps you 
need an elaborate birdcage for Tweety.

Extra storage in the laundry room is always needed.

Or maybe even a handy Crafting Station or Gift-Wrapping Center.

My advice to you is to think before you throw out that '80s entertainment center. There are some revolutionary repurposing ideas out there on the web. Take a look around, you might just find something your home needs. You'll be glad ya did!


I love this great baking center created 
from an unused entertainment center!


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