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It's hard to believe it's already July! Late Spring was incredibly busy in the Porter household. From E's high school graduation, our trip to Europe and Jared's big move, time has simply flown by. Even though May and June are a total blur, we have - as a family - made memories that will last a lifetime.

So how has your summer been? Have you made a few glorious memories? 

And by glorious I don’t mean complicated or extravagant. I mean memories that will be remembered and cherished in the years to come, making you happy deep within your soul.

If you were asked to recall some of your favorite summer memories, I’ll bet you’d have no trouble coming up with a very long list. Catching fireflies, playing catch with your dad, family vacations, lazy days swimming, going to the beach with friends, movie marathons, hanging out at the local burger spot, camping, or your first summer job would surely all find a place on most lists. 

Sometimes the most meaningful memories are not elaborate or involve a lot of planning, they simply come along quietly and often by accident. They are spontaneous. Memories are important to us because they put our lives in perspective.

We get a better sense of who we are by understanding and remembering where we came from and what we’ve done. One of the greatest gifts you can give your children is to create — and document — wonderful memories they will treasure forever. This Summer, as you are creating new memories take the time to document all of the fun activities you have with your family and friends. 

Your children will one day have the joy to go back and read about the fun times you had together as a family. Whether it’s a special summer vacation or just one unique moment in time that stands out in your mind as memorable it’s worth recording it, documenting and sharing with others.  

Keeping fond memories alive amidst a hectic life can be a challenge. As a mother, I want to remember each moment of our families fondest memories. These are just a few ways to document your memories.

  • Keep a Summer journal. – Start at the beginning of Summer and record dates of special outings, favorite activities, foods, unusual events, sleep overs, etc.; adding pictures as you go.
  • Include disposable cameras. – If your child is headed out to Summer camp or an  adventure all their own, send a digital camera. A great way for them to document their “once in a lifetime” moments.
  • Write a short story or book. – This is a great way to capture your families summer adventures. Make this a yearly habit and keep your stories together on the computer or have them bound in a book.
  • Make a collage. – Either build or purchase a collage frame and create a masterpiece with all of the items your family collected during their Summer fun. Do this yearly and line hallways with your memories. 
  • Using mixed media, draw or paint a picture. – Get creative and fashion pictures of Summer outings and hang them in the family or play room.
  • Create a Summer gallery. – Keep a collection of  photos from your Summer activities and arrange them on the refrigerator from May to September. It will quickly become a great conversation piece.
  • Alter and decorate a wooden box for mementoes. – Have fun decorating a box to put all of the treasures and photos your family accumulates over the Summer. Date it and put it away like a mini-time capsule waiting to be opened in the years to come.
  • Make and keep a scrapbook. - There isn't a better way to keep your photos and written memories all together than in a well organized scrapbook.
  • Archive favorite Summer recipes. - Food carries wonderful memories. Make recipe cards with family heirloom dishes used at your favorite cook-outs, family reunions and simply fun food eaten while hanging out with friends.
  • Film a family video. Pictures come to life in videos. You can go back and see how your children sounded and looked when you camped in Yosemite when they were five.
  • Keep a simple calendar. - This is something I have done for the last 14 years. I write down EVERYTHING we do, down to the kids sleepovers and mundane doctors appointments. Our children have already enjoyed my practice of keeping memories.
You only have a handful of weeks and glorious sunlight hours left before the Summer of 2013 turns into Fall. Since Summer is all about making lasting memories, don't waste one single moment of that delightful potential memory-making time. 
Some day they will become great conversation pieces among your children and eventually, your grandchildren, many years from now.
Make memories with your family and friends today...'ll be glad ya did!


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