Thursday, July 11


Whether you're looking for a way to celebrate a blessedly free weekend from the kids or an idea for an inventive first date, I have assembled a list of  top notch 'date night' ideas to help spice up your relationship. If it's precious time you're wanting to spend with your loved one look no further. As I was searching for ways that Mr.P and I could break free from the mundane dinner-and-a-movie rut, my list took on a life of it's own. I gladly share my list with you. I'll post two to three ideas every week over the next several months. Hope you find something here that sparks your fire!


Feed Your Senses At Food Festivals  
A great date should be a delightful experience. Why not try a date that literally feeds your senses? Food festivals are everywhere this season. The annual Taste of Dallas is this weekend, July 12-14 at Fair Park. It's a flavor-filled 3 day festival showcasing Dallas' top chefs and restaurants. 
Walking around, holding hands, eating delicious foods just may kick-start your Summer love. You can find info and schedules @TofD.

Take Me Out To The Ballgame!
Watching the boys of Summer play ball is one of the best dates going. Baseball is the quintessential Summer activity and you do not even have to like baseball to enjoy the game. Nowadays baseball stadiums have so much to offer their biggest fans and the non-fans alike. There is great food, music and Summer atmosphere at baseball stadiums. If you do not have a major league park in your area, you can even go to a minor league park - even to the local high school. With so much entertainment going on at minor and major league parks, including the actual game, no one could possibly be bored.

This extra tip is from a valued reader. Geared more for a married couple, it's a great idea!
I've been married to my high school sweet heart for six years and we have two little ones. One of my favorite date ideas comes from the idea of The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman. If your love languages are different you can take turns centering a date around each other. Here are some examples: If his love language is Physical Touch, you can give each other massages. If it's Acts of Service, cook him his favorite dish. Maybe his love language is Words of Affirmation, when you go out on a date you could give him a card or letter letting him know how much he means to you and how much you appreciate him. It works!

Thanks Heather, this IS a wonderful book for those married couples out there. We read this early on in our marriage. If you're interested you can order one here from Amazon.

Take advantage of the great 
weather this week and get out there and DATE!


Mr.P, The Man in The Moon & Me...that's all we need!

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