Wednesday, July 3

CREATIVITY: A Stroke of Serendipity

Mothers and daughters share many similarities, from the way they look, from their likes and dislikes to what inspires them to follow their passions and dreams. In my own case, I chose to pursue my passion for creativity. That choice to follow my creative instincts has proven to be very rewarding for me in many ways. However, little did I know that my own daughter, Elizabeth, would also become passionate in the arts. As a little girl she watched me paint, cook, decorate, arranging florals, entertain and write. She, as well, dabbled in painting, cooking and writing but she soon followed her heart into the world of needlework. Just before her junior year in high school my mother and sister introduced her to the world of cross-stitch and crochet.....and she hasn't looked back. I love to watch her ideas come into play, it simply amazes me. To my knowledge Elizabeth has never used a pattern or instruction booklet. When she stumbles across something new while searching the web, she studies the picture well, settles back and begins her creation. She truly has a unique gift at creating whimsical and fun crocheted hats and scarves that makes her stand out from the crowd and SHINE!

These are just a few of Elizabeth's crocheted hats. I didn't realize she had taken these pictures with her cell phone. Most of these went to her good friends.




My own experience with Elizabeth is one I have heard echoed among some of my creative friends, whose daughters, or mothers, are also involved in the arts. It makes me pause and wonder; Is creativity genetic? Is it a natural instinct or instead is it inspired or acquired by osmosis? Whether hereditary or acquired, the love of art often passes from one generation to the next. While Elizabeth may be inspired to follow in the footsteps of the women in our family, she is creating a path that’s all her own, and I couldn't be more proud!

It's very surreal watching one's own children grow into adults. Experiencing their wonder at the world and seeing their passions bloom into reality; whatever they may be. Encourage creativity in your children....'ll be glad ya did!


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