Monday, May 6

If You Lived Here You'd Be Home Now

When I happened upon this fantastic vacation home on Lake Winnipesaukee I just HAD to share. Mainly because I love every last detail of this warm and inviting home but also because our family has an unusual fondness for the movie, 'What About Bob?'. Actually, Dr. Marvin & Faye's fictional vacation home is reminiscent of the home you see below. Designed by TMS Architects, this beautiful home, AKA Lighthouse Cove Cottage, is within walking distance of downtown  Wolfeboro, NH. Located on a gentle rolling hill, it looks out easterly across Lake Winnipesaukee. The cottage sits on a New Hampshire fieldstone base with the entire back of the home covered with glorious picture windows. The cottage's unique wall of windows opens up this home and allows for an unobstructed panoramic view of the yard and lake beyond. TMS Architecs' generous use of exterior decks allow the homeowners easy access to the small beach, fire pit and dock which are located at the water's edge. Embracing all of today's modern technologies and innovative construction techniques, TMS's Lighthouse Cove Cottage still respects the historic heritage of Lake Winnipesaukee's past in today's world. I could be happy here, how 'bout you?

'What About Bob?', starring Bill Murray, Richard Dreyfuss and Julie Haggarty, hit the big screen way back in 1991. This extremely funny film was directed by Frank Oz, and stars Bill Murray, Richard Dreyfuss and Julie Haggarty. Murray plays Bob Wiley, a psychiatric patient who follows his egotistical psychiatrist Dr. Leo Marvin, played by Dreyfuss, on vacation. 'WAB' is by far Mr.P & E's favorite movie, they are forever interjecting lines from this movie into real everyday life....yes, sad but true! If you're interested in this very quirky movie you can watch a 2 minute trailer or the entire movie here at TDC's YouTube channel: 


It's definitely worth a bag or two of microwave popcorn!

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