Tuesday, May 7

Travel Tuesday: The City Of Lights Ultimate Night Tour

If rumbling around Paris, sticking your head out of the rolled-back top of a funky old 2CV car a' la Inspector Clouseau sounds like your kind of fun, Paris Authentic is for you my friend!  PA has assembled an impressive fleet of these 2CV tin cars for giving tourists tours of Paris by day or night...of course night is the BEST time to see this beautiful city completely illuminated. 

Your driver, guide and host for the evening is in fact a French student who has made their home in Paris. These enthusiastic student-guides are informal, speak fluent-English and are passionate about showing you their city. Paris Authentic Tours are flexible - you can build your own or choose one of their unforgettable tours. 

Their Montmarre By Night tour is a two hour tour that includes the Paris By Night tour, Paris night-life and Montmartre. If you’re in search of a Paris excursion with a difference, this is it!  From the cosy comfort of your 2CV, you’ll be able to look out on Paris at her finest in her garb of lights!  The Montmartre by Night Tour of Paris begins with a drive along the Avenue des Champs Elysées to the Arc de Triomphe, before passing by splendidly illuminated monuments such as the Eiffel Tower, Invalides, Louvre and Notre Dame Cathedral. Your magical night time Paris excursion continues as you wend your way through Montmartre, sipping your glass of bubbly {champagne included} as you take in some of Paris’s best-known nightlife, including the Moulin Rouge and Pigalle district. Your night tour of Paris culminates – both figuratively and literally – at the Sacré Coeur basilica, from where you can gaze across the City of Lights, bedecked in her finest evening jewels! For a Paris excursion that will give you a lifetime of memories, a night tour of Paris by 2CV is simply unmissable.

Trust your guides 'detour' suggestions, this is when it gets really interesting, and ask to get out as often as you like. Appreciate the simplicity of the vehicle you are in, it's France's version of the VW 'bug'. Ask your guide to honk the horn, run the silly windshield wipers and to open the window...which by the way opens up not down, c'est magnifique! Your guide will meet you almost anywhere in Paris, so arrange ahead of time where it's most convenient for you. They can also drop you off at your hotel, now how's that for service?  *Make sure to leave a ten percent tip....at the end of the day your driver turns back into a college student. 

With English speaking student-guides at the wheel you are in for a memorable treat, indulge and enjoy...after all you are in Paris and...

...you'll be glad ya did!


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