Wednesday, May 22


With Spring officially on the back burner and Summer taking its seat at the head of the table, grilling enthusiasts across America are dusting off their grills and tidying up their backyards for what is sure to be the best grilling season EVER! But, before the first brat is dropped onto the flames you better be certain that your grill is in tip-top shape. Mr.P has informed me on more than one occasion that all of the grime on our grill makes for more flavor. Well fellow OCD-ers, my Germ-o-Phobe heart just ain't buying that and I'm sure the AMA or the CDC would surely agree! There’s nothing worse than a broken down filthy grill to get your Summer off to a rocky start.  With Memorial Day just around the corner and your first backyard shindig on the calendar, you need to pencil in some time to get your grill in mint condition. Here are a few easy steps to follow.
  • Turn The Grill On - Close the lid and get it super hot. Burn off the gunk left from the previous year. Let it run for a good 15-20 minutes. As it heats up, old food and residue will burn off the grill making it easier to scrape the remains.
  • Scrub The Grates - Remove the charred residue from the grates with a semi-flexible stainless steel brush. If the grates undersides are greasy, remove them and wipe them down with a wet, soapy sponge. Once your finished with the above, be sure to rinse the grates and them dry them off.
  • Attack The Burners - Pricier grills often have burner protectors, V shaped metal guarding the gas jets from food dripping. Remove the protectors, and use a putty knife or something similar to scrape the grease off. If this isn't doing the trick, get some hot soapy water and scrub away. Then as above, rinse and dry.
  • Attack The Burners Part II - Clean the burners with a stainless steel brush. Are the gas jets open or clogged? If clogged, use a thin wire, a clothes hanger may work to poke a hole through the center of each one. If the holes are rusted, its time to replace the burners. Now remove the burners in preparation for the next step.
  • Hit The Walls Of The Grill - You want to remove carbonized grease so it doesn't affect the taste of the food. If scraping it off isn't working, again revert to dish soap and water.
  • Show The Outside Of Your Grill Some Love - We all know it’s what’s on the inside that counts, but don’t let your grill be an eye sore in an otherwise well groomed backyard. A little bit of elbow grease will go a long way. Take a wire brush to any rust and scrub it down. Wipe away grease with a dedicated stainless steel cleaner and semi-soft sponge. Make your grill sparkle.
  • Turn The Grill On Part II -  Close the lid and get it super hot. Burn off any residual soap or germs that might leave a bit of a taste on the first burgers you cook. Let it run for 10-15 minutes. This is oh so not necessary, but it will ensure that you have put your grill back together properly....and it does calm my OCD spirit. When it has cooled off be sure to cover it well to keep it clean and debris-free all Summer long.
  • Clean The Area Immediately Around The Grill - Eliminate fire hazards and move any ill-placed furniture or lawn accessories that might cause future problems. The hose you forget to move today will be the one you trip over tomorrow...and you may be carrying a plate full of burgers when you do! Give yourself room to work. When there’s an open flame involved it’s important that you stay focused AND safe. If you're interested in keeping your eyebrows this Summer, here's a great link for grill safety.
Yes fellow grillers, with a little elbow grease it IS possible to restore your grill almost to it's former glory! SO, ON YOUR MARK, GET SET, READY....GRILL!

I do hope you found these easy tips useful and will help you make the most of the upcoming grilling season. With a clean grill you’ll be able to give ample attention to a calendar full of backyard parties. If nature cooperates soon we'll all be enjoying the sweet smells of our neighbor's grills, as well as our own. Fill your Summer with that heavenly smoked-filled air that only a grill creates.....'ll be glad ya did!

What times dinner??

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