Thursday, May 9

Insignificant Musings: NO Shirt, NO Shoes, NO Service

a thought, or verse, journal entries, intimate conversation snippets and other bytes that have a voice which might be OR not be worth capturing and musing over. That being said, due to my limited and slow perception I usually realize things late, so it happens often that I suddenly realize something which the whole world already knows...I call this 'late getting to the party'.

Which brings me to....
The essential middle-aged men's business suit.

Help me out if you are older, did men really wear suits everywhere back in the day - the 1950's?  Take for instance America's favorite past time, the baseball game. Did men don a suit to sit in the stands and cheer on their favorite team? Now I'm not saying I think men should be wearing business suits to a Texas Rangers baseball game. Our Texas Summer heat would have men melting like snow cones if they were sporting the latest fashion in men's suits. I wouldn't do it, would you? As you can see in the picture below it's obvious that mid twentieth century American society did indeed dictate certain attire for a baseball game and a meal made-up entirely of hot dogs, peanuts and cracker jacks.
And what about that? Doesn't eating a meal made up entirely of hot dogs, peanuts and Cracker Jacks scream shorts and flip flops to you? I mean the song lyrics aren't '....give me some surf & turf and creme brulee' which MIGHT warrant the wearing of a suit. Shorts, yes. Suits, no. Which brings me to my next thought.... 
I wonder who started this trend? The ever popular 'No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service' Sign. I wonder if it was a business owner who finally got fed up with patrons from the Flower Power 60's generation? Their more than care-free cut-off jeans and love beads ensemble may have been way too much for some poor business owner. Not only is it unseemly, but unsanitary as well....and I am all for any situation in which germs are kept at bay. 
On occasion when Mr.P & I dine out I have observed, more times than not, individuals dressed in sweats and ball caps. Not to mention a whole generation of young men sporting pants that they have to hold onto with their hands lest they fall off. Or girls baring belly button rings and skimpy underwear. Seriously? I'm not interested in the brand you wear. 
I just wonder where American society will take us to in another 50 years.....I cringe to think about it. Is my generation gap showing?

American society......has it become a cultural flip-flop? 
Thoughts anyone?



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