Wednesday, February 13


On Valentine’s Day, women are looking for romance. After all it is THE 'romance day', PERIOD. And romance means romance. It doesn’t mean car parts. Translation: Don’t buy her something she needs...even if her car is one speed bump away from the junkyard.

Here are a few ideas sure to wow her whether you’ve been dating for 1 month, 1 year, or 10 years going on 50. Your SWEETHEART is sure to be thrilled by a 'thoughtful' VALENTINE'S DAY! PERIOD. BTW: If you are reading this and you happen to be female, swap your she's for he's and your him's for her's. ENJOY!

If you’ve only been on a few dates:
Candy may be conventional, but that’s OK if you don’t know each other well—going overboard too soon will only make you seem needy. Just make sure to give her a type she’ll like. Here’s how: Next time you’re together, say you need to pop into the drugstore to pick up contact solution. While you’re at the register, offer to buy her a candy bar. Make note of what she grabs. Does she pick milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or something with peanut butter? On Valentine’s Day, give a gourmet version of whatever she chose.

If you're dating but you don't see it going anywhere:
You need to give her something, or else she’ll be offended. A small package of a box of four truffles... will acknowledge that it’s Valentine’s Day, but it’s noncommittal.

If you have been together 6 months:
You might be tempted to buy her lingerie, but DON'T...that’s a major faux pas {FYI: Personally, I think lingerie should come after you say the I DO's!}. Instead, pop for a dozen champagne-colored roses. They’re sexy and romantic at the same time.

If you’ve been together a year:
Give her a pink, plush robe, and tell her “this way you’ll always feel me around you.” It’s a comforting, emotional thing, not a sexual thing. Pair it with a dozen red roses, which signify love and romance.

If you’re getting serious:
You’ve probably done it all at this point, the flowers, the chocolate, the romantic dates. Do the opposite and make something with your own hands, like a cake or a heart-shaped pizza. She won’t care if it doesn’t turn out well....she’ll be touched that you tried and put your time into the gift.

If you’re newlyweds:
Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse for a spontaneous couple’s getaway. You don’t have to spend 14 days in Santorini...aaahhhh...just get out of the house for a long weekend. Head to a local ski resort, go horseback riding, or find a cheap last-minute plane fare anywhere warm. ROMANTIC GETAWAYS

Can’t afford a trip? Rent a pair of skates at your local ice rink. If you can’t skate, that’s even better. Ice skating is one of the most romantic things you can do if you can’t skate, because you and your girl have to hold hands to stay up, and if she falls down, make a romantic gesture while you pick her up.

If you’re married:
It’s easy to take each other for granted when you see each other every day, so your charge is to remind her of how much she really means to you. In the middle of the night, get up and stick Post-It notes with sweet sayings everywhere she goes in the morning—like the bathroom mirror, the coffee machine, and inside her makeup bag. Her heart will melt when she realizes just how well you know her routine, she’ll take it as a sign of your attentiveness and devotion.

Bring home one rose, which is a lot sexier than a dozen roses, accompanied by a thoughtful love note. Most women are crazy for something written beautifully. Can’t put it into words? Find a serious card and inside write, ‘I’m not a writer, but this says everything that’s in my heart.

Your Valentine's Day gift will most certainly be sending your sweetheart a message. What if your ends up sending the wrong signals? What if you don’t give a gift and they are expecting one? If you are worried about your gift giving etiquette, keep in mind what is appropriate given the commitment level of your relationship. Bring some much needed thoughtful and creative thinking into your decision making process and you are sure to make your sweetheart’s VALENTINE'S DAY a special one!



"The art of love... is largely the art of persistence." -Albert Ellis


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