Thursday, February 7

Valentine’s Day Cupcakes for Your Sweetheart

Valentine's Day Cupcakes for your Sweetheart

You may have already seen these cute little cupcakes, they are all over the internet. This ingenious Valentine's Day gift did not originate with me, but in case you missed it, let me be the first to share this wonderful and creative Valentine idea. Whether you are a baker or not, presenting a box of chocolate cupcakes to your sweetheart is a clever gift. This heart-shaped box is filled with mini chocolate cupcakes decorated to look like Valentine’s Day chocolates. The "chocolate truffles" are made using marshmallows dipped in melted chocolate frosting and iced with a drizzle of chocolate. The remaining confections are as easy as frosting a mini cupcake with chocolate frosting and decorating them with candy hearts, red candy corn, or any red or pink candy that happens to be your sweetheart's favorite. If you are not a baker or simply do not have the time, run by the closest bakery or grocery store and buy a dozen chocolate mini-cupcakes. Make them your own by adding decorative candy to the tops and place them inside a deep set Valentine's Day heart box, most craft stores are selling these right now. Below are a few ideas to get your thought flowing in the right direction. Have fun!

Get busy being creative and present your sweetie with a unique "box of chocolates" this Valentine's Day...'ll be glad ya did!


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