Saturday, February 16

How I Spent My Valentine Week

While balancing all life's demands, Susan Piland, my ingenious and extremely talented friend, has become the leading florist in Mesquite, our North Texas home. She is a respected florist and an expert in technique, style and design. For over twenty years now she has been a Master Designer and co-owner of Windsor Florist. 

Susan recently put out her annual cry for help during the busy Valentine season.....and I was one of many who answered that call. What a delightful treat it was to spend my Valentine week in a busy floral shop. As well as helping out a friend in need, it was a wonderful way to personally keep abreast of the new designs and tools available in the floral industry. 

Even though this past week was surely stressful due to the increase in sales, Susan never seemed to be overwhelmed, anxious or overexerted. I was truly amazed by her. 

Here is a little photo retrospect of how I spent my week.

Pink and Red Roses with Carnations
White Lilies and Long-stemmed Roses
Lipstick Roses
Working fast and furious...the clock is ticking....
Pink perfection.
Roses, roses everywhere you look AND step!
.....and still yet more roses!
I took this for Ms.E....daisies are her favorite flowers. 
They do look rather happy don't they?
Blurred lovelies.
The azaleas are gorgeous! 
 Mr. B. BEAR welcomes you to Windsor.
 WINDSOR'S front window decked out for VALENTINE'S DAY.
 Susan is working hard into the middle of the night. She is so dedicated.
She works so incredibly FAST!
Lavender roses....does it get any better?
Topped off with a bow and ready to go!
After working for 12 hours straight, Susan STILL looks good. 
How is that possible?

Susan and I met a little over 30 years ago in Horticulture class. Along with Julie, Rhonda and Gala, we learned as young girls how to tie bows and wrap wire, amongst other things. I think fondly on those days and wouldn't trade them for the world. If you have the opportunity to learn floral design, DO IT! Not only will it bring out your inner creativity but save you LOADS of money in the future! If not, and you live in the North Texas area, call on Susan and Helen Ethridge, Susan's partner, and all the lovely ladies of Windsor. They do it ALL....and then some! From births to funerals and everything in between, she can take care of your floral needs. You can contact them here:

Windsor Florist
201 West Main Street
Mesquite, Texas
Local# 972-289-7030
Toll Free# 877-289-7030
Find them on the web here:

Give Susan a ring and tell her that I sent you....'ll be glad ya did!


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