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JBL Flip

The guy who loves music is hard to shop for if you’re financially strapped: Speaker systems and the tech that comes along with a love for tunes gets pricey. Enter the JBL Flip. It’s the audiophile’s antidote to a tight budget. For just $99, you get five hours of battery time, epic sound and a sleek design. As a bonus, you can stand it horizontally or vertical, and it’s small enough to pack in a carry on or gym bag, connecting wirelessly to your phone, laptop, or iPad. Beautiful.

Die Hard: 25th Anniversary Collection

What’s the best way to show your man some much needed appreciation for sitting quietly through Pride and Prejudice for the 8th time? By trading Mr.Darcy for John McClane and delivering the full run of the greatest action franchise known to man. Compiled to celebrate Die Hard’s 25th anniversary, this Blu-Ray collection includes all four installments—Die HardDie Hard: 2Die Hard with a Vengeance, and Live Free or Die Hard. And if somehow he hasn’t had his fill of wry one-liners and epic explosions, there’s also an additional, making-of bonus disc, Decoding Die Hard. Yippe ki-yay!

Fire Hose iPhone Skin

Here’s the upside to this eye-grabbing iPhone skin from Station Supply Co.: It’s virtually indestructible. Made from high-quality recycled fire hoses—burn marks and all—the backings will take all the punishment your man can dish out. And they take just seconds to adhere onto the back of his phone. 

J.W. Hulme iPhone 5 Leather Case

If the fire hose look is not your guy's cup of tea, and he already has everything from his cuff links to his luggage emblazoned with his initials, well have I  got the iPhone skin for him. The J.W. Hulme iPhone 5 leather case puts other iPhone cases to shame with its easy elegance, making it perfect for a night out. Slide your license or credit card in the outside pocket, slip your phone inside, and bid all risk of a lost wallet farewell.

Brooks PureDrift Sneaker

Every competitive runner is always looking for ways to shave a second off his personal best. If your guy spends his mornings and evenings pounding the pavement look no further than the new sneaker from Brooks. It's a lightweight shoe that runners everywhere want to get their hands on and their feet in. Backed by running bio mechanics research and in partnership with two professors, the shoes are the next best thing to a bare foot.

Express Chevron Dress Socks

Dress socks can make or break a look. They’re like the aperitif or the coffee after a fantastic meal—the finishing detail that matters big. And think about it: When’s the last time he actually bought a new pair? Better not to ask such questions, actually. Add some flair to his style with a dress sock that makes a subtle statement that every 9 to 5 rut needs.

Lomo LC-A+ Camera

Skip the dinky digital cameras and invest in lomography for the guy who’s itching to catch every moment on film. A lomographic camera won’t set you back as much as some other cameras on the market, and you’ll be able to take photos with an old-school look that will last a lifetime. Features like on-point automatic exposure and lightning-fast focusing will even ignite your latent interest in film photography. 

The OCD Chef Cutting Board

When the OCD guy is in his kitchen he wants every knife accounted for in the cutting block, and every wedge of cheese and diced vegetable cut to the same proportions. The exact same proportions. For that guy, there’s only one solution: The OCD Chef Cutting Board. More than just a clever conversation piece, the board provides every inch and angle a guy needs to get his recipes exactly right—even the proper sizes for a small dice, a medium dice, or a fine julienne. Now if only you knew where you put that chef’s knife.

TaylorMade R1 Driver

In the kingdom of adjustable drivers TaylorMade is the monarch of modification. If you add up the 12 loft settings, seven face angles, and the two movable weights to tweak the center of gravity, you get 168 possible setups. The key is to spend a day on the range to find the right combination that’ll keep you long and straight, ideally with a pro....if not this IS the next best thing! He'll LOVE it.

SOUL Party in a Box

If you’re the kind of woman with a grand in spare bills clogging up her checking account, then spend it on SOUL’s Party in a Box. Endorsed by Ludacris the gadget includes an eight-speaker system that will rattle the walls of any household room. It also includes HDMI outputs, karaoke mode, digital docking for iPhone, iPad, and iPod, and wireless Bluetooth streaming capabilities. Pretty awesome!

Michael Symon's Carnivore

If you’ve ever caught an episode of Iron Chef America or The Chew, then you know Michael Symon is a man that loves meat. Chances are, your guy does too. And with grilling season around the corner, now might be the time to send a subtle hint that he’d better clean the Weber before your first cookout of the year. And surely, he will—just as soon as he finishes memorizing all 100 of these mouthwatering recipes for beef, pork, poultry, lamb, and more.


UGG Boots

Ugg is making hiking boots for men.  The “Ultra” boots feature something called HOKA technology, a thick, lightweight outsole used by ultra runners. Helping to capitalize on your body’s natural momentum to propel you effortlessly down the trail, through the snow, or wherever you happen to be trekking. The effect is a little bit like a high-tech version of moon shoes. They keep your feet completely warm and dry while hiking through a thick blanket of snow and they look good too.

Obermeyer Jacket

A great ski jacket can be your man's best friend, if he's a skier. It’s there for him at all of the most critical moments—insulating him from falls, warming him on ascents, announcing his presence to his fellow skiers, and making him look deceptively competent—even when he hasn't the faintest idea what he's doing. This Obermeyer’s top-of-the-line Ketchikan jacket has a thick, breathable, water-resistant polyester shell, handwarmer pockets, zip-off hood, and brushed collar lining. It’ll keep your sweetie warm, dry, and looking good.


Smith Optics Sunglasses

There are a lot of reasons to love the new line of sunglasses from Smith Optics. For one thing, they’ve given them cool names like Frontman, Gibson, Outlier, and Serpico.  They’re highly durable and boldly designed, with a distinctive tint, polarized platinum lenses, and original detailing that stands out every time you walk into a room.

If  you didn't find what you were looking for here in this list and all else fails, head to the lingerie department of Bloomingdale' NEVER misses!!



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